Thursday, 17 April 2014


Ello Darlings!

Did you miss me? Lol.

I wasnt able to make a post yesterday, as I was busy moving home in SL. I have been  at my parcel for over a year, and was completely happy, had made it just as I liked it, but sadly didnt have the option to buy more prims. Grr stoopid prims! But happily my landlord did give me the option of moving to a near identicle sim, with a lil more space and lots more prims, for not a lot more money :D So I will be able to rezz like a loon as soon as the 2 big events open in May \o/

I'm still not completely done at the new place, I need terraforming etc, but the house and sky studio are in place, so at least thats something.

If you are in need of somewhere to live, you really cant go wrong with Kendallwood Estates, I have been with them for, like I said, just over a year, and I can honestly say they have been the best I have rented off - and I have moved a LOT in SL. (There you go Olin, a lil plug for ya :D)

Ok, so onto the post, which includes a gorgeous slip dress by {Vison} - S&F at The Spring fair. The dresses come 7 colours, and also look hella cute teamed with jeans. leggings. tights or stockings :o)

The (OMG I Love Em) heels, are also new, by HighRize. These come in 15 colours, and are for the Slink High Feet. Totes lush <3

Headband - Fleur Headband  - Floral Blue @ Le Fil Casse
Hair - Tanya Hair - V2 @ Runaway (New)
Makeup - Foxxe Makeup - Dream @ The Plastik
Piercing - Ova Piercing @ Cute Poison
Beads - Summertime Easy Living @ Maxi Gossomer
Dress - Zaarra W/Lace - Watermelon @ {Vision} - S&F at Spring Break Fair (New)
Tattoo - Yahara @ Your Cocain
Bracelets - Iggy Braclets - White & Coral @ Atooly at 100 Block (New)
Rings - Melissa Rings - Blue - Silver Pack @ Bens Beauty
Leg Strap - Amore Legstrap - Girly @ [QE]
Shoes - Melted Candy Pump - Berry Punch @ Highrize (New)

Location - Caverns Of Aleval
Happy Shopping!