Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Queen O' This Dump

Hello again Loves!

Here I bring you more goodies from Hollipocket at Swag Fest,
Forever Young at Swag Fest and The Kings & Queens Fair,
Plus another new mesh nail and mani set for your Slinks, by Zoz at 24 Squared. (There are also nails for standard hands, but does anyone still have them? lol) Anyway, the nails are a limited edition, and are limited to 150 sets. 24 Squared starts on Sept 5th.

Hairband - Spiked Bow Headband - Raiven @ Pekka
Hair - Freya - Blondes @ Wasabi Pills at Uber (New)
Necklace - Hollow Diamond Long Necklace @ Pomposity at Suicide Dollz (New)
Jumper - Royal B Sweatshirt - Pink @ Forever Young at Kings & Queens Fair (New)
Belly Chain - Padlocked Biker Belly Chain @ Pomposity
Rings - Hollow Diamond Rings @ Pomposity (New)
Nals & Mani - Butterfly Vine Mesh Nails @ Zoz at 24 Squared (New) (Ltd Edt)
Skirt - Shorteh Got It - Set 5 @ Hollipocket at Swag Fest (New)
Socks - Can You Not Socks - Pink @ Forever Young at Swag Fest (New)
Shoes - Kat Boots - Sport - Black @ Insanya

Location - MalaLife 

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx