Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hey me Darlin's!

A quicky post before I get busy with RL.  (What do you mean I'm just putting things off? Ok Ok, you're right, I am, but ughhhh!)

Anywaaaay, more news from Ploom at Mystic Fair, HighRize, and Shock, plus [Q.E] and K-Otic at Body Mod Expo - I told you it was gonna be a kick ass event didn't I?!! *Nods*

Hair (& Bows) - Sugar - Candy Pack @ Ploom at Mystic Realms Fair (New)
Eyes - Pentacle Eyes - Sephira @ [QE] at Body Mod Expo (New)
Ears - Stretched Ears @ Mandala
Cig - Ultimate Cigarette @ Hermony
Choker - Naughty Neckline - Naughty @ K-Otic at Body Mod Expo (New)
Bangles - Orichalcum Flower Bracelet @ Eclipse Art Studio
Rings - Crossing Knots @ K-Otic at Body Mod Expo (New)
Mani / Pedi - Lace Obsession Nails (For Slinks)  @ Shock (New)
Dress - Bonnie Geometric Dress - White @ HighRize (New)
Bag - Azra Bag - Black @ Bens Beauty at Vintage & Cool (New)
Shoes - Feeling Lucky Platforms @ [QE] at Body Mod Expo (New)

Poses - Zoe @ Label Motion

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx