Sunday, 19 October 2014

Look To The Future

Hello My Darlings!

I know I have been AFB (Away from blogging - see wot I did there? Lol) and for that my apologies, but RL has been hectic, and I havent been able to spend time in SL long enough to get a post done, grrr.

I can promise though that full service has been resumed, at least for a while anyway!

Ok so onto the post, and this one I love, awesome headpiece by Tabou Irresistible and gorgeous lacey top by Hollipocket, plus I have been wanting to get my Muka skirt out again cos its adorbs!

Hair - Brienne - Blondes @ Koy at Mystic Realms Fair (New)
Headpiece - Eye Piece - Vintage - Black @ Tabou Irresistible at Vintage & Cool Fair (New) 
Eyes - Pentacle Eyes - Alchemy @ [QE] at Body Mod Expo (New)
Piercing - Kaz V2 @ LouLou at Body Mod Expo (New)
Ear Cuffs - Tribal Wings Ear Wrap @ Eclipse Art Studio
Earrings - Cubic Earrings @ Eclipse Art Studio
Necklace - Bling Choker W/Twinkle @ Pomposity (New)
Shoulder Chains - Kaalia Shoulders @ Sakide at Body Mod Expo (New)
Top - Brenty Lace Tops - Set 2 @ Hollipocket at Vintage & Cool Fair  (New)
Tattoo - Flower Power @ Tabou Irresistible
Gloves - Brenty Lace Gloves - Black (Rare) @ Hollipocket at Vintage & Cool Fair  (New)(Gatcha)
Rings - Crossing Knots @ K-Otic at Body Mod Expo (New)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Elegant Romance @ Zoz at Body Mod Expo (New)
Belly Piercing - Diamond Key @ Pomposity
Skirt - Lavina - Black @ Muka at The Big Show  (New)

Poses - Noa @ Label Motion (New)

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx