Monday, 20 October 2014

Brush It Under The Rug

Ello again Dolls!

Happy Monday! (If that's possible)

Here we are with some brand spanking new goodies at Tabou Irresistible for Suicide Dollz, Forever Young at Body Mod, Bens Boutique, a wicked freeb at Izzies, and a kick ass Group Gift from R.O \o/

Plus for all the ink lovers -  a brand new event - Victims of ink - has opened, Purge have sexeh thigh tatts out there, this is one of 3 hot lil pin ups <3 

Horns - Diable Band @ R.O (Group Gift) (New)
Hair - Sugar - Dipped Pack @ Ploom at Mystic Realms Fair (New) 
Ear Cuffs - Itsy ear Cuffs - Red  @ LouLou 
Eyes - Pentacle Eyes - Balefire @ [QE] at Body Mod Expo (New)
Blood Eyes/Choker/Bracelets - Halloween Gift @ Izzies (Gift) (New)
Piercing - Kaz V2 @ LouLou at Body Mod Expo (New)
Dress - Aprile - Pack 1 @ Tabou Irresistible at Suicide Dollz (New)
Tattoo - Fae Dream @ Vestigium at Tales Of Fantasy (New)
Wings - Batty Wings @ Forever Young at Body Mod Expo (New)
Gloves - Brenty Lace Gloves - Black (Rare) @ Hollipocket at Vintage & Cool (New) (Gatcha) 
Axe - Zombie Axe @ R.O (Group Gift) (New)
Leg Chains - Leg Heart Chain - Silver @ {PixelGeek}
Leg Tattoo - Flash Beauties - Dollie @ Purge at Victims Of Ink (New)
Boots - Danger Gladiator Boots - Silver Pack - Black @ Bens Boutique (New)

Poses (Modified With Axe Anim) - Abbie @ Label Motion
Location - Done Wiv A Twist

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx