Friday, 10 October 2014

Purdy Pinky Purps

Ellooooo Lovely Peeps!

The Body Mod Expo is now open \o/
(Well ok its been open a few hours, but I've been AFK lol) I did however pop over to the sim before it opened (blissful lag free shopping!) and its absolutely stonking. Soooo many awesome designers with exclusives, its hard not to run around with grabby hands. 
Scripts are limited to 40 though, so make sure you do a count and remove any not needed before you TP in, there's nothing worse than getting booted for too many scripts when you've spent half an hour trying to get there!

Hair - Michi Hair @ Ayashi at Body Mod Expo (New)
Eye Liner - Tribal Liners @ Damned
Eyes - Jekyll & Hyde Eyes - Heather @ [QE] at Totally Top Shelf (New)
Whiskers - Colourable Whiskers @ Epic
Collar - Hime Collar - Violet @ Altair at The Big Show (New)
Chest Sprinkles - Cascade Chest Piercing @ Tantalum at The Body Mod Expo (New)
Bandeau - Zima Lace Top - Rose @ Panik at The Big Show (New)
Jumpsuit - Netta Peekaboobie Jumper @ HighRize (New)
Bangles - Animal Bracelets @ {PixelGeek} at Body Mod Expo (New)
TeaCup Rings - Teatime Rings - Pink & Purple @ .:FW:. at Body Mod Expo (New)
Cat Face Ring - Kitty Ring - Blue (Rare) @ {PixelGeek} (Gatcha)
Mani / Pedi (For Slinks)  - Fall Sweetheart Polishes @ Zoz at The Big Show (New)
Shoes - Brooklyn II - All White @ {TCS} (Bling Hunt)
Poses - Berry @ Label Motion
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx