Monday, 13 October 2014

Reward Offered

Ello me Lovelys!

Firstly - apologies - again, Ive been AFK for the weekend as it is my RL Hubbys birthday today, so we spent the weekend doin' nice things. . . .  *smirks*

Moving on tho, lots more to see from the Big Show, and Body Mod Expo, plus an introduction to Babbling Brooks newest sponsor . . . please welcome the gorgeous, and totally cute {PixelGeek} to the blog! If you dont know {PixelGeek} you will find lots of sweet and sugary clothes and accessories, such as the cute bangles here for the Body Mod Expo, and the hot lil bandeau top for Lubbly Jubblies <3 Tysm to Nena for inviting me to join the fabulous {PixelGeek} team! <3

Hair - Flip Side - Candy @ Ploom at Mystic Realms Fair (New)
Hairbow - Eye On You Bow - Uncreepers Cute (Secret Rare) @ {Yumyums} at Body Mod Expo (Gatcha) (New)
Ears - Stretched Ears @ Mandala
Eyes - Jekyll & Hyde Eyes - Heather @ [QE] at Totally Top Shelf (New) 
Mouthy - NomNom - CandyDots - Scary Mix (Rare) @ {Yumyums} at Body Mod Expo (Gatcha) (New)
Collar - Lost Kitty Collar - Silver/Tiffany @ {Yumyums} at Body Mod Expo (New)
Tattoo - Life In Technicolour @ Elska at Body Mod Expo (New)
Top - Donut Badeau - Blue @ {PixelGeek} at Lubbly Jubblies (New)
Bangles - Animal Bracelets @ {PixelGeek} at Body Mod Expo (New)
Ring - Creepy Cute Spider Ring - Deadly Cute (Rare) @ {Yumyums} at Body Mod Expo (Gatcha) (New)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Ghostie Boo Silver Polish @ Zoz at Cosmo Sales Room (New)
Leggings - My Cute Leggings - Pink @ Blush at The Big Show (New)
Ankle Cuffs - Cuff Rosa @ Muka
Poses - Gayle @ Label Motion 
Location - Story Brooke

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx