Friday, 28 November 2014

Fried Chicken & Gasoline

Ello again Dolls!

And a very happy Friday to all!

The sign on the store behind me made me LOL, it's so brilliantly random. I dunno if its like a thing in the U.S, but I kinda want it to be :D

Yeah so this post is called Fried Chicken & Gasoline <3

Horns - White Horns @ Tabou Irresistible (Group Gift) (New)
Hair - Freya - Cappuccino @ Adoness at Thrift Shop (New)
Accessories Set - Elizabeth Set @ Moondance at J&A Expo (New) (Opens 5th Dec - LM To Follow!)
(Includes Earrings, Choker, Bracelets, Rings, Mani/Pedi For Slinks, Mesh Nails, )
Tattoo - Skulls War @ Vestigium
Outfit - Marjorie Outfit @ Azhara Boutique at OMG Room (New)
(Includes Top &  Pants With Texture Change Hud, Shoes, Bag)

Poses - Ami Poses @ Label Motion at TDRF (New)
Location - Missing Mile

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx