Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's Not Your Choice

Ello Pookies!

Hope ya'll enjoying your Saturdays! Best day of the week right?

So here are more exclusives at Thrift Shop, Forever Young at The Big Show, and Bubble, Buttery Toast, and Pink Sugah at Cirque De Seraphim, who at the last check, has raised L518,881. Thats over TWO THOUSAND RL US DOLLARS!!!  - how fahooking cool is that? Its awesome!!  Lets keep shopping and help the animals!

Hair - Chelsea - Candy Pack @ Ploom
Necklace - Winter Berries #1 (Rare) @ Urban Cherry at The Thrift Shop (New) (Gatcha)
Top - Fuzzy Crop Sweater - Red @ HighRize
Sleeves Tattoo - Lady Muerta @ Vestigium
Bracelets - Nayara Bracelets @ Tantalum at Thrift Shop (New)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Carnival Nails @ Bubble at Cirque De Seraphim (New)
Bag - Bag Of Wonders @ Buttery Toast at Cirque De Seraphim (New)
Skirt - Mellie Skirt - Pack One @ Forever Young at The Big Show (New)
Leg Tattoo - La Muerte @ Pervette at Jersey Shore (For GFW)
Ankle Cuffs - Cuff Love @ Muka 
Shoes - Wrapped - Cirque Red @ Pink Sugah at Cirque De Seraphim (New)
Poses - Maddie @ Eternal Dream at The Thrift Shop (New)
Location - MalaLife
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx