Thursday, 4 December 2014

He Keeps Me Toasty Warm

Ello me little Chucky Eggs <3

I'm so loving all the toasty warmy goodies being released right now, its so cold, I'd be happy to just hibernate in RL, and spend all my time wrapped up in a onesie in front of the fire <3
But if I do have to venture out into the cold cold snow, I wanna look like this!! (And have a floating firey little marshmallow following me around too - noms him!)

Hair - Kiley - Fuzzy - Candy @ Ploom
Dress - Woolly Dress - Light Blue @ Bishes Inc at TBS (New) (ReOpens This Weekend!)
Necklace / Mani/Pedi - Unwrap Me Holiday Necklace & Gift Polish @ Zoz (POE Hunt) (New)
Gloves - Store Closed - No Longer Available - Sorry!
Tights - Teeny Tightys - Remix - Set 9 @ Hollipocket
Boots - Not Your Mommas Knit Boots @ Reign (Gift)
Marshamallow - Flamin' Friend @ Buttery Toast (Gift) (New)
Poses - Gayle @ Label Motion
Location - Rainbow Illuzion
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx