Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dem Bones

Hey Babes ♡

Soo, as mentioned yesterday, I have cut my finger quite badly so typing isn't as easy as usual, but I have managed to swap a dressing now for a large plaster which is progress right? On the plus side, I get out of doing the cooking and dishes - silver linings and all that ◕‿◕

Anyhoooo sooo our Sunday LOTD!
Hollipocket have adorbs new releases at Pastel Goth:
The Pent Meh Sets comprise tops and gloves in 7 colours, each includes 6 styles of pentagon print. Omega appliers are included (Be sure to have enabled your Slink Hands to use Omega!)
The Pent Meh Rings & Wands sets are gacha prizes and comprise 1 wand with optional pose and rings for both hands. There are 4 rares to play for.
The Bone Meh Daddeh Stockings are also a gacha game. Each colour pack includes black and white bones with Omega appliers. There are 23 to play for, including 2 rares, plus for the very lucky bunnehs, an Ultra Rare prize of thigh bows & colour change hud.

Over at Freak Show we have Sweet Evil & Bubbles gacha goodies:
Bubbles Coffin Bag gacha comprises 12 commons and 2 rares, each rare includes a hud with 8 colour options.
Sweet Evils Spooky Bow Gacha comprises 9 common and 1 rare print.

Finally over at Mesh Body Addicts Fair we have Absolut Vendetta's cute lil skater skirts. These come in plain and polka dots and are fitted for Maitreya, Belleza Venus/Isis/Freya and TMP Basic/Deluxe. Each includes 20 colour options.
KC Couture have the Stardom Heels. There are 5 colours to choose from and are fitted for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, EVE, TMP and N-Core feets.

K, thats enough typing for now ◕‿◕
Happy Shopping!

Dem Bones

Dem Bones

Skin - Lydia - Caramel - Dark Brow @ Alterego
Hairbase - Natural Hairbase - Set 3 @ Just Magnatized
Eyes - Odyssey Eyes - Clarity @ IKON
Lashes - Paris Show Girl @ Angel Rock
Mouth - Open Mouth Pro @ [PXL]
Mesh Body - Lara @ Maitreya
Hands - Elegant 1 @ Slink
Feet - High @ Slink
Shape - My Own  - Not For Sal
Hair - Steph - Essentials @ Alice Project
Crown - Strappy Crown @ Tabou Irresistible at Gen Neutral (New)
Bow - Spooky Bow #10 (Rare) @ Sweet Evil at Freak Show (New)
Nose Chain - Camelia - Black (Rare) @ LouLou
Top & Gloves - Pent Meh Top - Black @ Hollipocket at Pastel Goth (New)
Wand & Rings - Pent Meh Wand & Rings - Pure (Rare) @ Hollipocket at Pastel Goth (New)
Mani - Koffin Nails - Pretty Spooky (Rare) @ Dark Passions at Freak Show (New) 
Bag - Coffin Bat Bag (Rare) @ Bubble at Freak Show (New)
Skirt - Skater Skirt - Plain - Maitreya @ Absolut Vendetta at Mesh Body Addicts (New)
Stockings - Bone Meh Daddeh Socks - Black (Rare) @ Hollipocket at Pastel Goth (New)
Bows - Bone Meh Daddeh Leg Bows (Ultra Rare) @ Hollipocket at Pastel Goth (New)
Shoes - Stardom Heels - Fatpack @ KC Couture at Mesh Body Addicts (New)

Poses - Kaelyn & Lynette @ Label Motion 
(Both Poses Modded With Wand Pose) 
Location - Everwinter
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx