Monday, 26 October 2015

Hangin' With Mah Zomies

Elloooo loves ♡

OMG this was such a fun post to do! Did ya see what I did with the title? Did ya? Did Ya? Lol yeps these guys are my Zombie Homies (Zomies - geddit?!) and they come complete with the full scene you see here, exclusively by Come Soon at The End. "They're Back" also includes 2 poses, plus Hand Gun, Machete and Rifle pose props.
On the bonnet of the car is Pops Toolbox by Lost Junction. Each toolbox includes rez and carry versions, and when clicked will give you a Utility Knife, Wrench, Screwdriver, Pliers or Hammer (Chosen by blue menu) 

My kick ass outfit begins with Gas Mask and Tattoo by Speakeasy for TAG Gacha. There are 9 Gas Masks and 1 Tattoo to play for, with the Tattoo & Black Gas Mask being the Rare prizes. Each Gas Mask smokes every 8 seconds, and is resizeable for girls and boys, and the Druid tattoo includes 2 tones with appliers for Omega, Slink & TMP  included.

The sexeh lil bodysuit is by Insanya at Mesh Body Addicts and includes 3 sizes for Maitreya, 1 Physique, 1 TMP and 4 standard avi sizes plus alphas. The V Body is available in 14 colours/prints.

Finally my killer booties are by [QE] at Pastel Goth Fair, now I know I'm wearing mine in black (not very pastel-y goth lol) but these also include the prettiest Pastel Colours also, which I sooo need to show in another post cos they're adorbs, but  there are 2 colour change parts to the boots with 12 colours for one part and 8 for the other.

Happy Shopping!

P.S Finger is a LOT better today - still annoying, but not hurting - so wooo!!  \o/

Hangin' With Mah Zom'ies

Hangin' With Mah Zomies

Skin - Lydia - Caramel - Dark Brow @ Alterego
Hairbase - Natural Hairbase - Set 3 @ Just Magnetized
Eyes - Odyssey Eyes - Clarity @ IKON
Lashes - Paris Show Girl @ Angel Rock
Mouth - Open Mouth Pro @ [PXL]
Mesh Body - Lara @ Maitreya
Hands - Casual  @ Slink
Shape - My Own  - Not For Sal
Hair - Riki - Colour Demo @ Little Bones (New) (Gift)
Gasmask - Gask Mask Grey @ Speakeasy (Tag Gacha) (New)
Tattoo - Druid Tattoo - Faded (Rare) @ Speakeasy (Tag Gacha) (New)
Bodysuit - V Body - All Colours @ Insanya at Mesh Body Addicts (New)
Gun & Machete - See Scene, Below
 Rings - Rosie Rings @ Kibitz at Shiny Shabby
Utility Knife & Spanner (In Garter) - Pops Toolbox @ Lost Junction at The End (New)
Garter - Love Me Garter - Straps @ [QE]
Boots - Pastel Stompers @ [QE] at Pastel Goth Fair (New)

Scene & Zombies - They're Back @ *CS* Poses at The End (New)
Toolbox (On Car) - Pops Toolbox - Black @ Lost Junction at The End (New)
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx