Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easter Stuffs! \o/

Easter Stuffs! \o/

Ello Loves! 

Well Easter is right around the corner, and there is an uber cute event that caters for all your Easter Bunny/Chickie/Eggy needs! The Big Fun Excitin' Easter Thing (cool name right?) has opened its doors and is literally packed with Easter goodies. Shabby Tabby have a ton of eggsclusives (see what I did there? Lol) both there and at the mainstore. Plus you will find goodies from Chiana Oh and tons more. Get that nose twitchin' and that tail wiggling cos the Easter Bunny is on his way!

Happy Shopping!

Get The Stuffs ::

 Scene ::
Balloon Arch :: Easter Arch - Small C
Balloons :: Balloon Arrangements Styles A & B
Easter Banners :: Happy Easter Banners - Blue & Pink 
Easter Eggs :: Particle Machines - Easter Eggs & Daisys 
All Included In Easter Mega Set @ ASD Holiday Market at Big Fun Excitin' Easter Thing

Hoppy Bunny Light 
Spring Rooster Light
 Spring Hare Light
Flutterbye Light 
Tables :: Spring Fling Table
Chairs :: Spring Fling Chair 
Eggs In Box (On Right Table) :: Natural Dyed Eggs 
Nest Of Eggs (On Right Table) :: Enchanted Easter Centerpiece

Bunny Bums In Pots :: Bad Bunny! -Pink 
Tray Of Eggs :: Hatchlings -Decor (Gift) 

Table Decor ::
Sweetie Pie Cookie Basket (Left Table)
Handmade Charm Basket (Left Table)
Stacking Bunnies Basket (Left Table) 
Matrioschka Basket (Right Table) 
Large Cookie Baskets :: Spring Fling Cookie Baksets  
Lollipops In Pot :: Potted Lollys-Easter Babes

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