Thursday, 15 December 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

What A Difference A Day Makes

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What A Difference A Day Makes

Ello again my loves! πŸ’•
Today's post is coming at you a day late, thanks to the Firestorm website crashing after I had uninstalled my previous version of Firestorm for the new Bento enabled one yesterday. I swear I was itchy just knowing I had no SL on my computer! By the time the website was up again, I'd downloaded the new viewer, reinstalled my settings and whatnot, it was just too late to do anything other than purchase my new Catwa Bento Head and Vista Bento hands, I was so sad not to be able to play with them both there and then! 
Today though, I have managed to have a little play with both the head and hands, and I have to say, so far so good. I do however have a little annoyance with the Vista Bento ProHands : - although they are Omega friendly (by purchasing the Omega installer) my Omega tattoos (by all of the big tattoo designers, not just one) don't load right, they look dark, inky, blotchy, and well downright shit, which is soooo disappointing, its my only main irk with them as I would have thought that tattoos would be as seemless and smooth as the skins are by using the Omega system. The only other slight annoyance with these hands - and this is me just being impatient I guess - is that my fave skin store (Lara Hurley, and I'm sure others) haven't yet made skin appliers for these hands. I just hope they  will be as forthcoming as they were for the first Slink hands many moons ago, but I can be patient for those, Bento is still so new. There are however skins from Glam Affair, The Skinnery and Akeruka pre installed on the Pro Hands HUD, just a shame I don't use those lol.
The only grievance I have with the Catya Head at Catwa is the price. No I don't think paying 5,000L is unreasonable for a new head, a lot of work has obviously gone into it's creation, but I do however feel that after purchasing the head, having to purchase the teeth and tongue at 500L and 150L respectively  is a bit much considering (I feel, anyway) that those are the basic must haves, who is gonna want a head with no teeth at least? The tongue and teeth are the only extras I bought with my head, but there are is also an Ears HUD for 250L with 9 different static ear angles. Then there is the additional (and of course optional) animation HUD at a further cost of 5,000L. That adds up to a whopping 10,900L for the lot. There are a ton of eye and lip animations available separately at 100L a pop, but with no HUD will be a nightmare to sort through them all for the right expression for pics/etc. Other than the cost, I'm happy with my head, I'm still in the process of playing with my shape to make the head "mine" and I love that we are able to do that now with the new Bento system.  It did however take me years to get my system avi the right shape for me, so I'm hoping it won't take me quite as long to make my Catya Head "mine".
Ok so after that monlogue (sorry guys Lol) we get to the LOTD which features Magika's gorgeous new hair Sugar, news from Tabou at Winter Solstice, Arise at Chapter Four, Queen Of Ink at Bodyfy, and main store releases from Insanya and Bishes Inc.
So as always, Loves ~
Happy Shoppings! 

Get The Look πŸ’‹

Body Basics ::
Head :: Catya  @ Catwa  (New) 
Face Applier ::  Gia - Mid Tone @ Lara Hurley
 Eyes :: Joyce Eyes - Gold @ Arise at Chapter Four (New)
Mesh Body Inc Feet :: Lara @ Maitreya 
Hands :: Bento ProHands V2 @ Vista  (New) 
Look ::
Hair :: Sugar - HUD 03 @ Magika (New)
Nose Chain :: Catch The Ice Nosechain & Earrings @ Tabou at Winter Solstice (New)
Choker :: Catch The Ice Choker - B&W Pack @ Tabou at Tabou at Winter Solstice (New)
Tattoo :: Wound Tattoo @ Queen Of Ink at Bodyfy (New)
Dress :: Nayana Dress @ Insanya (Updated)
Cuffs ::  Arm Cuffs @ Insanya
Hand Tattoo :: See Hands 
Nails :: See Hands
Sneakers :: Bishes Sneakers @ Bishes Inc (New) 

Other ::
  Poses ::  Warm Fuzzies @ Le Poppycock at Chapter Four (New)
  Location :: Azure Star
   xx B xx 

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