Monday, 15 April 2013

Camo Bish

Hello again Loves!!

A brand spanking new round of Perfect Wardrobe begins today,  and its camo themed!! \o/

I do love camo so Ive been looking forward to this, and it doesnt disappoint, theres soo much cute and sexy goodness to be snaffled, so get ya war paint on, and get snafflin!!

Helmet - Camo helmet - Mousey BY Epic at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Hair - Hairpiece YUME96 - BlondeBooN 
Makeup - Combat ready war makeup BY Delusions at Perfect Wardrobe  (New) 
Glitter eyeliner - Diamond eyelinerBens beauty at Cosmetics fair  (New) 
Piercing - Facial peircing B2Phoebe piercings at Kawaii Fair    (New) 
Earrings /Necklace - Larissa Bens beauty at Stuff in Stock 
Top - Daydream long shrug - Camo green BY Hollipocket at Perfect Wardrobe  (New) 
Tattoo - Lucky in love Tenjin 
Skirt - High & Tight camo mini - Fatpack BY SweeTartz at Prefect Wardrobe  (New) 
Belly piercing - Frog piercingPhoebe piercings at Kawaii Fair    (New) 

Cut legs - Wounded knees 01 Suicidal Unborn 
Socks - Garter nylons - Short - Torn blackLuck Inc 
Leg strap 1 - Gun holsterAlterego 
Leg strap 2 - Leg bandaid blackDirtyland 
Boots - Triumph boots V2GoS 

Taxi to Perfect Wardobe