Saturday, 15 June 2013

Street Chic

Hello again Lovelies!!

The Lubbly Jubblies Opening day is here!!! Wooooooo!! Super excited about this, theres stuff for all styles and boobies. Proof here that you dont have to get em out just cos ya got em lol this top comes in 4 bright colours and are mesh so come in standard sizing. They come with appliers for tango, but are wearbale without - although honestly why go boobless? Boobs rule the world - fact!!

Hat - Mesh DC Plaid BallcapLidz 
Hair - Danielle - Fades Tameless (New) 
Earrings/Necklace - AngelaPhoebe's Piercings at Rascal St Sales Room  (New) 
Neck tattoo - Freedom, Love, Peace Your Cocain 
Cig - Ultimate CigaretteHermony 
Top - Slippy Top - Blue SexZ at CleaVage (New) (For Lubbly Jubblies) 
Sleeve Tattoo - Indian Tattoo Zentro at Jersey Shore (New) (For GFW) 
Bracelets - Hoop Mesh Bracelets - Colour PackBens Beauty 
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman 
Skirt - Ultra Mini DenimBishes Inc 
Leg tattoo - Gone Too FarYour Cocain at Fi*fridays (New) 
Cut Knees - Wounded Knees 01Suicidal Unborn 
Shoes - Second Hand Sneakers - HoundstoothEven.Flow at Funny Puppet Fair 

Happy Shopping!