Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hey Girls!!

Wifeh was able to log in for some time today, and OMG have I missed her weirdo ramblings. Take these dreams she had for example, and bear in mind, these are some of her most normal ones lmao

Wifeh: " i had this vile dream that a camel spider fell out me sock, and every time i screamed it jumped up in my face...and then i ran off and the fker could fly!!! i woke up and me heart was pounding i had to get up lolol "

Then another:  " ikr then last night i was at this weirdy place and i knew everyone was a zombie, but i had to pretend i didnt know so they didnt get me and i was ringing someone goin......come get me im stuck in salems lott IM IN SALEMS LOTT then i was in this church having a go at this 7 foot tall girl cause she was shouting at me mum "

Lmao, Ive missed ya Wilf!! <3

So onto the post!!

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