Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nanas about the Wife

Hello again Sexy Ladies (& Men!!)

After sharing my (Loony) Wifeh's dreams with you earlier, along comes a top that I just HAD to post, if only to tell you more of her nutty ramblings. . . ahhh while the cats away the mice will play eh?

LMAO, I STG sometimes its just best to shut up and let her ramble on, cos then I get ramblings like THIS!!::

Wifeh : fuck i keep singing outloud, i gotta stop it before the postman gets here cause i fancy him lol
Wifeh: haha he looks like danny dyer!
Wifeh : i swear just like him
Me: meh, but are ya wearin summink slinky?
Wifeh: no i always fkin answer the door in me jarmers...then the other day he knocked and i couldnt open the door, when i finally got it open he said 'oh dear' he cant catch me singing aswell!  i swear its like a classic awkward something stupid happens every time i see him LOL
Wifeh: he's married to a girl called sarah-jane well she can fuck off down the lane and live with her number. . . . cucumber
Me:: lmao wtf are you on about???? omg im cryin
Wifeh: lmao you never heard that rhyme?
Me: doesnt strike me as a rhyme - fuck off down the lane
Wifeh: whats ya name? mary-jane where do ya live? down the lane whats ya number...cucumber!
Wifeh: thats a real rhyme LOL i was just playing on those words like
Wifeh: i coulda gone with sarah-jane fuck off down the lane wi ya cucumber imma marry your husband

Lmao I couldnt love her anymore than I do <33

Hair - HoshiCaTwA 
Hair Nana & Monkey - Banana Monkey Peel Cap Squishy Polkadots at Jersey Shore (For GFW) 
Horns - Demon HornsCute Sh!t 
Eyes - Body Shop  Anima EyesPanda Punx 
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Necklace / Rings - Aztek @ Bens Beauty  (Sold Sep) 
Necklace - Kitten Necklace Phoebe's Piercings at Room 69 
Top - Wifeh Tanktrs at Cleavage (For Going Bust) 
Arm Straps - Kawaii Armstraps Cute Sh!t  
Bangles - Sugar Candy - The Pinks Maxi Gossomer 
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(Socks - These arent actually socks, they are the skin part of the shoe tinted white, with frills from some socks I had in my inv positioned at the skin seam. The socks (& frills) are no longer available but similar socks can be found on the MP)