Friday, 5 July 2013

Fun In The Sun

Hello Again!

This weeks GFW begins today Peeps, and Hollipocket have this cutesy bikini out, with its cute banana print its perfect to go with the little monkey friends that are also available for this weekends round. Both the bikini & the monkey tail (or is it a butt plug??!!) will also be available as gifties  at Jersey Shores long awaited Re-opening party!
Starting today at 6pm (Ughh Ill be tucked up in bed - stoopid timezones!!)  there will be music, dancing, prizes & gifts only available during the 3 hr party.

Monkey Friend On Head - Monkey Peel Cap @ Squishy On Jersey Shore  (New) (For GFW) 
Hair - Kerri - Light BlondesTruth 
Earrings/Necklace/Rings - Aztek Set  (Sold Sep) 
Bangles - Hoop Mesh Bangles - Colour Pack 
Both @ Bens Beauty 
Arm Straps - Kawaii ArmstrapsCute Sh!t 
Tattoo: Sleeves - Geisha Vestigium 
Nails - Luxury Nails - Colourful Shock at She & Him (New - Exclusive) 
Bikini - String Kini - Peel MY Nannas @ Hollipocket (New) (For GFW& Gift for JS Party) 
Belly Chains - Copper Waist Chains Combo Jamman 
Monkey Friend On Bum - Banana Tail Squishy On Jersey Shore  (Gift For JS Party) 
Tattoo : Hip/Leg - Dragoni Your Cocain at Fi*fridays 
Feet - Mesh Barefeet Tiptoe N-Core 
Poses @ Atooly   (Sale Begins Today!)