Saturday, 21 September 2013


Hey Babies <3

The Fashion's Story Fair begins tomorrow!!

As you should know the fair covers the history of fashion, from the 1920's all the way up to the 1990's! Its soo exciting, and I'm thrilled to have been invited to cover this wicked fair.
As I teased you with some of  the 80's yesterday, I am going to the 60's for this teaser ;o)

The cute as fook mesh swingin' 60's swing dress & jacket here are some of Aushka & Co's  offerings, and each come with a hud to change the colour to 8 bright and zesty colours.  I am using the colourful pack for this pic, but both the dress and jacket are also available in a darks colourway and a pastel light colourway. (All packs contain 8 colours via the hud.)

I have (eventually) had to remove my meshy bum for this post, but not before I snapped the gorgeous lacy strings Runaway have out brand new for Phat Azz. These cute knicks are available in 8 colours and clothing layers are also included.

Hair - Reflect - Hud 03 @ Magika  (New) 
Jacket - Bonjour Jacket - Colourful Pack  (New-Exclusive) 
Dress - Mini Dress - Retro Chen - Colourful Pack  (New - Exclusive) 
Both @ Aushka & Co @ Fashion Storys Fair - Opens Tomorrow - LM To Follow! 
Hip Piercings - Hip AccentCute Poison 
Knicks - Strings for Phat Azz - Yellow @ Runaway   (New-Phat Azz Appliers) 
Bangles - Tiny Round Bracelets - Black Eclipse Art Studio 
Rings - Melissa - Yellow Leather Bens Beauty 
Garter - Smexay Garter (Modded to Yellow) @ Hollipocket 
Shoes - Addiction - Fatpack N-Core