Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Simple Things

Hellooooooo Darlings!

So after the hassle of my computer dying and having to have another built (Lovin Betsy!) I logged into SL last night and found myself to be a cloud. Not only was I a cloud but a msg appeared from Linden Labs stating *Linden Labs have discovered degraded performance. . . blah blah blah* I have had this message before and its a total nightmare, nothing fixes it, I tried rebaking, replacing outfit with only skin, shape, hairbase & eyes, and finally forcing character test, but the character test wouldnt even take place. I read it could be a corrupted gesture (?) so I deactived the hundreds I had active, but still no luck. I created new bridge and that wouldnt work. No amount of relogging worked, even on a quiet sim :o/ I have no idea what eventually worked, but needless to say, I really dont want to log out again just in case!

Anyone had this problem before? What worked for you? Really SL kills me at times :o/

Anyhoo, enough moaning, there are lots and lots of pretties at She & Him to take my mind off it, plus newness from Spirit Store and N-Core \o/

Hair - Brandy - Candy @ Ploom   (New) 
Hairband - VIP Studded Headband - White @ Atooly   (New-GG) 
Earrings - Izar earrings - Silver Phoebe's Piercings at Designer Circle ecli 
Rings - Izar Rings - Silver Phoebe's Piercings at Room 69 

Collar - Collar Maiden 
Arm Cuff - Heavy Cross - Upper Arm 
Bracelets - Tiny Round Bracelets - Aluminium 
Belly Chain - Sentinel Belly Belt - Silver (New) 

Necklaces - Babette - Jet & SilverMaxi Gossomer 
Pants - Vetardina leggings - White @ Spirit Store  (New) 
Shoes - Sublime- White @ N-Core (New) 

Eyes - Secret Universe Eyes BY Shock (New- Exclusive
Eye Makeup - Ingrid - Ace - Iceberry BY Modish (New- Exclusive
Top - Breast Longtop - Black BY .Mes Sucreries. (New- Exclusive
Bag & Poses - Dreamer Envelope Bag - White BY Blah (New- Exclusive
Nails - Animal Instinct Nails BY Shock (New - Exclusive) 
All @ She & Him