Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bustin out

More goodness from the new event in town - Going bust at CleaVage,

This time its AlterEgo, and this top comes in a pack of 4 colours, with appliers for Tango bewbs. Four smexy lil tops for under 100L? Yummeh!

Ive paired mine with the gorgeous new mesh pants from Maitreyas new range, these are sooo amazing, the fit, the texture, everything is perfect <3 em!

Hair - Fluster - DippedPloom 
Earrings/necklace - Wings set - Red @ Perfect wardrobe  (PW) 
Neck tattoo - Love for you - SmallPerfect wardrobe (PW) 
Top - Sweeties top - Red @ AlterEgo at CleaVage (Going bust) 
Nipple piercing - Blocked nipplesUtopiaH 

Arm tattoo - Left - Siren song mesh tattoo 
Hip tattoo - Sisters symbol - Fresh 

Arm tattoo - Right - Heartbeat mesh tattoo - MomPerfect wardrobe (PW) 
Nails/bracelet - Perfect long nails - Classic - RedMstyle 
Pants - Leather skinny pants - Black @ Maitreya  (New) 
Shoes - Diva - Black @ N-Core  (New) 

CleaVage goes bust

Hellooooooo Lovlies :oD

Cleavage has gone bust today peeps!!
Yeps, the CleaVage sim is now running a new bi weekly event where Designers will place out an item for sale for under 100L - woohooo sexy bargains for our bewbs!! The event is called Going bust and items will be out from the thursday to the following monday, 4 days to grab the goodies.
If ya got bewbies, ya gotta have CleaVage!

So my first blog post for this wicked new event, is by the fantabulous Pink Sugar, these vibrant zesty lace dresses are 99L  for the pack of 3, they come with appliers for Tango and Lush, and come with the white and black bow belts.

Hair - Kinsley - Candy - With & w/o coontails Ploom 

Earrings - Left & right pics - Edda - Silver
Earrings - Middle pic - Tanyeli - Pink 
Both @ Bens beauty 

Tattoo - Middle pic - Love for you - Small Sourires at Perfect wardrobe (PW) 
Choker & bracelets - Left & right pics - Enigma - WhiteLouLou 

Nails - Left & right pics - Long nails - Classic - French
Nails - Middle pic - Long nails - Banana drink - Ombre 1 pack 
Both @ Mstyle 

Dresses - Midnight neons @ Pink Sugar at Cleavage  (Going bust) 
Pink belt - Pink neon beltFanatik 
Shoes - Femme - PrintempsN - Core 

I wanted to share a little poem I was sent today, I lolled out loud, I wonder how many of us this applies to?

The Cleaning Poem

I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I'd been 'computering',
And I had to answer 'yes.'
He told me to get off my fanny,
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.
I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick...
I was just admiring my good work.
I didn't mean to 'click.'
But click, I did, and oops - I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into it...
I was into it all night.

Nothing's changed except my mouse.
It's very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess...
While I sit here on my hiney.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Go 49ers!!

A quicky before I go to bed lol, as I wanted to show a couple more items from this weeks GFW, theres still time to snaffle the bargains!!

This mesh top is available in 2 designs, a purple Ravens version, and this 49ers red version. I know these are some sort of American sports teams, and theres a big game soon?  But I honestly dont know which sport lol. I just think they look very cute, and I chose the red one cos red is the colour of my football team lol.
The cute lil skirt is from Epic and is mesh so comes in standard sizing, I love this, and have seen it worn loads of different ways.

Hair - Bring it onExile 
Top - Sports cropped hoodie - 49ers @ {U.R} at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Tattoo (Under top) - Love for you - BigSourires at Perfect wardrobe (PW)
Tattoo (Hip) - Sister symbol - FreshTenjin at Jersey shore 
Skirt - Mesh denim frilly filly - DirtyEpic at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Knee plasters - I gotsabooboo Delusions 
Socks - Urban tube socks - ClearAcid & Mala 
Shoes - Low top chucks (Tex change)Kennedy's 

Lace n leather

Yet more goodness from GFW peeps!. . .

This time we have sexy shirts from Hollipocket.  Set 2 - which includes this lemon colour, and a lilac colour -are reduced for the event. Each colour gives you the option to wear sheer or solid, and with lace, or not.
Ive teamed mine with a sexy leather mini from Maitreya, Ive had my beady eyes on these since they were released a few days ago, and finally succumbed today \o/

Hair - Manon - Red amber D!va 
Earrings - Edda - SilverBens beauty 
Glasses - Reader glasses - White Acid & Mala 
Shirt - Girly girl blouse - Vintage set 2 - Lemon sheer @ Hollipocket (For GFW) 
Skirt - Mini skirt - Vivid leather - SeashellMaitreya 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Yellow - Silver packBens beauty 
Shoes - Diva - WhiteN - Core 

Not saint nor sinner

More goodness from both Gredade free wednesdays, and Perfect wardrobe peeps!!

The mini dresses are on sale from Pink Sugar for GFW, all 3 colours are in the pack, and they come with appliers for original and tango bewbs. If you wear the dresses as they come, they will expose a bit of nip, but if you want the whole breast covered, like me,  theres a nc in the pack to tell you how, its super simples.

The jewellry set is from perfect wardrobe by Anatomy and comes with 3 tiaras, bracelet, and necklace with mouthy bead option.

I had to go back to N-Core to get the Diva shoes in white, cos theyre so awesome, one pair was never going to be enough lol

Hair - Liqueur - Tipped - This hair was a past Dressing room fusion release by LoQ,
so Ill provide the LoQ mainstore slurl :o)
Tiara/necklace/bracelet - Valentines day jewelry @ Anatomy at Perfect Wardrobe   (PW) 
Dresses - (S)aint dresses - Pastels @ Pink sugar at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Hip tattoo - Sister symbol - FreshTenjin at Jersey shore 

Shrug - Shrug off jackets - Set 5 - Baby pink 
Garter - Smexay garter - White - Dotty - Blue 
Both @  Hollipocket 

Nails - (Left & right pics) - Long nails - Classic - French 
Nails - (Middle pic) - Long nails V2 - Ombre 2 pack - Surf with me
Both @ Mstyle 

Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Diva - WhiteN-Core 

A lil blue

Sooo lovely peeps its GFW once again!! Woohoooo!!

So that means lots of sexy bargains for us - yay!!

This underbust corset is one of the smexxy offerings for this week, its mesh so comes in the standard sizes, Ive opted to cover the ole nips with some wicked pasties from LouLou, they're for tango bewbs and  available at Perfect wardrobe, they can colour change to 10 colours via a hud.

The tattoo is also from Perfect wardrobe, this time courtesy of Delusions, they come in a pack of His/Hers, Hers/hers/, His/His, and Mom. One of each design is transfer so you can wear matching with your love :D

Hair - Early - Hud 03 Magika 
Earrings - Many hoopsBens beauty 
Mouth goo - Messy mouthSugar heart on MP 
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces - Combo - Long - BlueMaxi Gossomer 
Nip covers - Tapes - Lil heart LouLou at Perfect Wardrobe (NEW)  (PW) 
Corset - Be mine Side lacing corset DRBC at Jersey shore (For GFW)  
Tattoo (arm) - Heartbeat sleeve - HisDelusions at Perfect Wardrobe (PW) 
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - Baby blueHollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - frenchMstyle 
Hip tattoo - Sisters symbol - FreshTenjin 

Knickers - Biscuit panties - Dotty - Baby blue  
Garter - Smexay garter - White - Dotty - Blue 
Both @ Hollipocket 

Feet - Mesh barefeet N - Core 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Feelin Smug

Hellooooooooo Lovely peeps!!!

Happy Tuesday!

I usually give a GFW sneek peek on a tuesday, and this week is no different - ha! (Smug face)

Im loving this brand spanking new dress from Rack city, Nicole is absolutely on fire lately, she just keeps on bringing out the hottest designs, and this sexy lil number delights!! Its available in 4 colours, and the red one is on sale this week. It comes with appliers for Tango and Lush bewbs, plus the skirt is mesh, so moves and flexes with your body -wicked \o/

The necklace and bracelets are a set, and are brand spanking newies from The Pink Band-aid \o/

The shoes I'm still physically unable to remove from my feet cos I'm in luuurve <3

Hair - Dawson -  SeasandTruth 
Earrings - Many hoops - BlackBens beauty 
Necklace/bracelets - Bijou set The Pink Bandaid (New) 
Dress - SmugMe dress - Red @ Rack City at Jersey Shore   (New) (For GFW) 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Ring - Right hand - I <3 Dick & diamondsLe Primitive 
Shoes - Diva - Black N - Core 

Monday, 28 January 2013

You have my heart

Hello Loves!!

More goodies from Perfect Wardrobe today, theres just so much hawtness, I want to show it all! <3

We have some super sexy dresses by Rotten Defiance that come in 4 colours. Each colour comes with options to have a completely bare back, a sheer back, a solid back, and a solid colour clash back. Plus appliers for Tango bewbs included - gorgeoussssss!!
The jewellry set is also  for Perfect wardrobe, its from Pepper and includes the bracelet, rings and necklace, they are all resizeable, and copyable.

Plus, and this is a huuuuge plus - N-Core have done it again peeps. . .I didnt think they'd be able to surpass themselves, but OMG they have! The new range of mesh feet and shoes (just the one style of shoe for now - Hurry up N-Core bring us more!!) are absolutely faultless. Firstly, the look : The feet look so lifelike, with skin textures so real, and leather you could almost touch. But also, the hud - the little miricle you get with every pair- is where the magic is - to skin match all you have to do is wear, click, and a web page loads on your screen with the codes of lots of SLs best skins (more will be added). You click the brand, the name of skin, shade, and apply, and the skin on your shoes/feet will be applied straight away, no more messing, inputting RGB, just a couple of clicks and youre perfectly matched, no seems, no messing, just perfect. (I did have to edit my shoe every so slightly upwards to join the seem, but once done, its invisible). Perfectamungo N - Core, we love you!!

Hair - Bacardi - StrawberryLoQ 
Necklace/bracelet/rings - Valentine set @ Rotten defiance at Perfect wardrobe (PW)
Ring - Spiral ring - Silver  (Tex change stone)Bens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - RedMstyle 
Dresses - Heart on dresses - White & red @ Pepper at Perfect wardrobe  (PW) 
Back tattoo - Carpe diem - MediumPara designs 
Shoes - Diva - BlackN - Core 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Perfect wardrobe feels the love

Yaaaaay!! yes, today a new round of perfect wardrobe opens tomorrow peeps, and as its the session just before Valentines day, that's the theme!! Think of reds, pinks, hearts and lots of smeXXXy.

My first choice of this rounds goodies is this wicked and very hawt cupid set, it comes with lots of goodies, including 2 versions of the outfit (one with no top section - smokin'), appliers for Tango/Lush breasts, the wings, boob arrows, ass arrow, mouth arrow, bow and  nerd glasses,

The poses I've used in this pic are also on sale for this round, there's 10 in the pack, and they are by Focus poses, they're so cute.

Hair - Heart - Reds Ploom at Zodiac 
Earrings - Edda earrings - BlackBens beauty 
Outfit - Stupid CupidPretty Liar at Perfect wardrobe (PW)
Gloves / bracelets - Enigma - Black LouLou 
Rings - Melissa - Black @ Bens beauty 
Nails - Perfect long nails - Classic -  Red Mstyle 
Garter - Smexay garter - Dotty redHollipocket 
Shoes - Emporium - Pure black N - Core
Poses - Valentines day set @  Focus poses at Perfect wardrobe (PW)

Next is this cute lil outfit by AlterEgo, it comes complete with top, jeans and bracelets (not shown) the jeans dont come with cuffs so are perfect to stick into a pair of sexy boots lol 

Hair - Andarial - Roots editionMagika 
Face tattoo - Gothic kiss Para designs 
Face/chest piercing - Fire in the water - SeepHoD 
Outfit - Love me AlterEgo at Perfect wardrobe (PW)
Tattoo - Stars & swallows - Black - MediumPara designs 
Arm cuff/bracelets - Dena'ina - Noir Plastik 

Ring - Left hand - Spiral ring 
Ring - Right hand - Square ring - Black/red 
Both @ Bens beauty 

Nails - Long nails - Classic - RedMstyle 
Belt - Revenge beltAlterEgo 
Boots - Jazz - Black suedeMaitreya 

Walk of shame

We've all done it right? The walk of shame in the early hours of the morning, probably still a bit drunk, or maybe with a huge hangover, that walk feels like miles lol.

This dress comes in packs of 3, this pack is the Rawr pack,  and Id have shown all 3 colours, but Ive been stuck as a cloud since I crashed lol. So here are two, enjoy, and hopefully next post Ill look a bit less orange and cloud like.

Hair - Meschell - CandyPloom 
Earrings - Edda - BlackBens beauty 
Dresses - Walk of shame - RawrPink Sugar at Pre release 
Belt - Revenge beltAlterEgo 
Tattoo - Leopard spots - LightPekka 
Gloves/bracelets - Enigma - BlackLouLou 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Black leatherBens beauty  
Garter - Smexay garter - Sequin - BlackHollipocket 
Stockings - Ripped stockings - Thigh - PinkErratic 
Boots - Myx - Print leopardInsanya 

Barbie bitch hunt

Theres a little hunt going on right now, thats gonna gain you some seriously cute goodies for super cheapsies \o/ Yeps I said cheap, this isnt a free hunt, but the small price to pay for each item guarantees quality goodness right? Right!! So at each the Censored and Chloe stores, there are 5 pairs of pink undies to find. All undies are 20L each, and within you will find gorgeous lil pink goodies like these from Censored 

Hair - Charmed - Blonde 02Elikatira 
Earrings - Jasminelu - PinkBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Top/dress - Moah sweater @ Censored  (Hunt item) 

Rings - Melissa - Pink leather
Bracelet - Glamour bracelet - Pink 
Both@ Bens beauty 

Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Shoes - Shiki - Nude @ Maitreya  

Hat - Summer sun hatDollle (GG) 
Hair (can only be worn with hats) - YUME96 - Blonde Boon 
Earrings - As before 
Necklaces - Necklace pearls - Combo - Colour mixing set 
Combo sets & singles 

Dress -  Loren dress Censored (Hunt item) 
Tattoo - Violet hill - FreshTenjin 
Rings - As before
Nails - As before 
Boots - Radical - CaramelMaitreya  

Hair - Mimi - Pinks & purplesPloom 
Earrings - Calimero - SilverBens beauty 
Necklaces - Babette - Combo all - Jet & SilverMaxi Gossomer 
Top - T shirt Bitch Censored (Hunt item) 
Skirt - Suede ruffled mini - Black[QE] 
Nails - As before
Rings - Melissa- Black leather Bens beauty 
Tights - Ripped tights - PurpleErratic 
Boots - Euphoria - Platine @ N - Core 

Hair - Kalli - Red amberD!va at Collabor88 

Earrings - Calimero - Gold  
Necklace - Square necklace - Gold 
Both@ Bens beauty 

Tattoo - Siren song - FreshTenjin 
Lingerie - Bodysuit - redCensored (Hunt item) 
Nails- As before 
Rings - Melissa rings - Red - Gold pack Bens beauty 

Hair - Isolation - Honeycomb roots Lamb 

Earrings - Edda earrings - Black 
Necklace - Feel it - Black 
Both @ Bens beauty 

Lingerie - Lingerie - Animal - Colourful Censored (Hunt item) 
Hip tattoo - Sisters symbol - FreshTenjin 
Rings - As before 
Nails - As before 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jump to it

Helloooooo Lovelys!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, mine up to now has been very busy, but Im just going to settle down with a nice G&T in a few mins. . . . . *Sighs contentedly*

I was given this gorgeous little jumpsuit yesterday, and I love it so much, I jus have to show you guys. Its full mesh, and perfect for spring/summer in this sweet colour.
The hair I picked up late last night from Collabor88, and because I was lucky to have found it at the event, Ive now got a new hair store to stalk \o/ The colours are so girly and sweet, love LOVE em!
The shoes are ultra newness from Maitreya, I picked em up in nude cos Im thinkin' they will go with all the gorgeous spring and summer colours that are going to be coming out soon. They come with a wicked hud that aside from controlling the skin and nail colours, actually removes the shoe altogether, so its like buy the shoe, get the mesh barefoot free \o/ Also, the wedge heel can be turned into 30+ different colours.

Hair - Natalia - Candiemix LaViere at Collabor88 
Face/chest piercing - Fire in the water - Seafoam HoD 
Jumpsuit - Jumpsuit - TurquoiseLa.Estrella 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings- Melissa - Turquiose leatherBens beauty 
Shoes - Shiki - NudeMaitreya 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Miami bitch

Hello everyone, and happy friday to all!! yaaay!! Friday is my favourite day of the week, not only is Friday the gateway to the weekend, buuut its also fifty linden friday, woohooo!! I picked up this hair from Wasabi pills, its out in 2 exclusive colours, this lovely lilac, and a sweet lil pink colour - I got both - at that price how could we not??

Forever young have newness out too, in the form of glitzy sexy lil mini dresses!! These lil mesh beauties come with appliers for tango mesh breasts, and have a cute lil strap detail on the back - hawt! They are available in 6  colours, its gonna be hard to choose ya fave!

Hair - Jamie - Crystal violet Wasabi pills (New) 
Forehead piercing - Benediction - Simple Ellabella 
Face piercing - JusticeUtopiaH at Stuff in stock 
Ears - See body basics tab above
Necklace - Rosana necklace (Tex change)Bens beauty 
Mesh tattoo - Siren song - FreshTenjin 
Dress - Miami mini - Black Forever young (New) 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - Purple Bishes Inc  
Gloves - Lolita - BlackLouLou 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Garter - Smexay garter - Dotty lavendarHollipocket 
Shoes - Emporium - Pure blackN - Core 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bad Barbie

Okies lovely peeps, Hollipocket has some gorgeous sexy undies out for this weeks GFW -wooot woooo!! And as they're soooo pretty, I didnt want to do much to them, just show you how cute they are. Saying that I added a lil spice to the pic on flickr, if ya wanna see that one, click my link on the right of the page *winks*

Hair - Tatum 2 - Jaded 
Earrings - Edda - Aluminium Bens beauty 
Piercing (Forehead) - Benediction - SimpleEllabella 
Piercing - Face - JusticeUtopiaH at Stuff in stock 
Mouth frosting - Messy mouth @  Sugar heart on Marketplace 
Lingerie - Barbie dolly lingerie - set 5 @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - FrenchMstyle 
Arm tattoo - Siren song - Fresh  (Mesh) @ Tenjin at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Wrist tattoo - Fallen tattoo HoD 

Flickr "Extras" - DildosKennedy's 

Humps n bumps

Helloo lovely peoples!!

Its that time again, that smack-bang-in-the-middle-of-the-week-day that makes you groan and long for friday - or is that just me?? Anyway if you're like me - feelin' bleugh -  get ya asses down to Jersey shore for GFW, its what Wednesdays were invented for!

Shup Bish have another pack of gestures out for today, theres 5 wicked - previously unreleased gestures, that are mod and copy ok, so you can change the trigger (which is what I always do, it makes them easier to remember), or change the text. My faves of the pack are
﹤﹤﹤ イнᴀイ's Ѡнᴀイ І'ʍ イᴀւᴋiη' ɮoυイ!!! ﹥﹥﹥
which comes with a voice that just has to be heard, it made me lol
-.-    Ɗo∩'τ Ҷoυ Ġiⅿⅿiɛ ƬҺosɛ کφυi∩τу ⁅уɛs.
which Im garanteed to use lots cos my friends are  ALWAYS giving me those squinty eyes lol I dont know why!!!

The skirt in this piccy is up for GFW, and comes in a choice of 3 denim washes, and they each come with the belt attached.

Hair - Sassy 2 - Barbie w/roots - Fades packTruth 
Ears - See body tab - above
Hoop earrings - Edda - BlackBens beauty 
Forehead piercing - Benediction - Simple Ellabella 

Glasses -  Glitter eyewear by Crash republic 
Face piercing - Justice by UtopiaH 
Both @ Stuff in stock 

Cardi - Part of the Ribbon dot dress outfit366 days 
Top - Tango crop sweater - White @  Rack city     
Belly piercing - EmoDirtyland 
Skirt - Mini skirt - Black @ Even Flow at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Hip tattoo - Sister symbol - Fresh Tenjin at Jersey shore 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - french Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa - Black leatherBens beauty 
Boots - Radical - Black leather Maitreya 

Gestures - GFW Pack @ Shup bish at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All that jazz

Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gooooodness, is this outfit hawt or whut?? I totally fell in lust with this as soon as I laid eyes on it, tooo smokin girls!! Its from Rack city and comes with Tango appliers Lush appliers, and appliers for originals. Its available in 8 gorgeous colours.

The tattoo in the pic is a mesh tatt, it comes in both Male and female sizes, and 2 versions, fresh and faded. Its going to be on sale for tomorrows Jersey shores GFW \o/

Hair - Ella - Platinum Mons 
Forhead piercing - Benediction simpleEllabella 
Face piercing - Justice piercing UtopiaH at Stuff in stock 
Earrings - Edda - Black Bens beauty 
Outfit - TuxScuseMe - RedRack City 
Tattoo - Siren song - FreshTenjin at Jersey shore 
Gloves/bangles - Enigma - BlackLouLou 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - Red Mstyle 
Garter - Smexay garter - Solid - BlackHollipocket 
Boots - Aphrodite - Ultra blackP10 

Get over yaself

Helloooo Girls!!

More goodness from Tthe Boobie Planet, this time from Badazzle It comes with the tights, and Lolas tango appliers included \o/

Hair & Tiara - Waiting for tonight - Natural fusions pack @  Exile
Ears & accessories - see Body basics tab above
Earring (Comes as a pair - obvs, I choose to wear just one) - Edda earrings - Black Bens beauty
Forehead piercing - Benediction - SimpleEllabella
Nose piercing - Lacie PoM
Chest piercing - Fire in the water - SlideHoD
Dress & tights - Get over yourselfBadazzle at the Boobies planet
Tattoo - @ Tenjin (For GFW)
Bracelets - Bold set - TitaniumBoom
Gloves - Lacey shorty gloves - BlackHollipocket
Nails - Long nails - Elegant colours Mstyle
Boots - Mesh gradient crocodile boots - Hot pink*Epic*

Monday, 21 January 2013

Secret garden

Hello loves!

I went adventuring today, in search of inspiration for my land. I think I've decided, I want something meadow-y, spring flowers and streams, with rolling hills, and birds and butterflies. Ultra girly and feminine, not at all like me lol.
I found my inspiration, and took some pics so I can show my Vic whos the genius of landscaping. I also thought it would be a nice place to display todays latest posty :o)

Im wearing a dress that Emporium have for the G.O.T.H event, its available in 5 designs, is mesh, and sooo pretty, love it.

Hair - Anywhere - Hud 01Magika 
Earrings - Edda earrings - Black @ Bens beauty  (New) 
Face piercing - Cross - Benediction Ellabella 
Face piercing - Nose - Lacie - BlackPierce of Mind 
Chest piercing - Fire in the water - Pt 2 - Slide HoD 
Tattoo - Passion - FadedTenjin 
Dress - Dress - Black skull @ Emporium at G.O.T.H fair  (New) 
Bracelets /Anklets - Bold set - TitaniumBoom 
Nails - Anti flick nailsOnyx Wear 
Feet - Bare feetN - Core 

Back to basics

Hellooooooooo Lovely Peeps!!

Here we are at the beginning of a brand new week. A brand new week of shopping - hoorah!!

Hollipocket has some sexy goodies out at the Boobie show - yay!! There are some solid versions of the Cherry print dress I posted on friday available, and also these Lacey basics tops, in 15 colours to choose from \o/
These lil beauties come with Lolas Tango apppliers included, but - as ever- are wearable without breasticles \o/

Hair - Mimi - Pinks & purplesPloom 

Ears - Mesh gauged ears - size 3 
Ears add ons - Black bling tunnel & Piercing set #1 
All @ Zombie suicide 

Face piercing - BenedictionEllabella 
Chest piercing - Bulletproof - Tide & Crush HoD 
Tops - Lacey basics - Grape & AquaHollipocket at the Boobie show 
Tattoo - Passion - FadedTenjin 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - Turquoise & pink Bishes Inc 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - PurpleMstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leather & Turquoise leatherBens beauty 
Skirt - Ruffled mini - Pink Forever Young 
Knickers - Panty droppers - Mr mustache - Teal*Epic* 
Boots - Radical boots - SnowMaitreya 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The talisman

A new round of the Boobieshow opens and here is one of the exclusive dresses you can find there from BoobieLicious. This sexy lil number is available in 6 colours, and comes with appliers for Lolas push ups, Lolas tangos and Lush bewbs.

There's also a new round of Zodiac, and this month its Aquarius - my birth sign- yaaaaaaaay!! There I picked up this gorgeous hair, and as Ive been loving Scarlet hair for aaaaaages, I got it in the reds pack.

Hair - Heart - RedsPloom at Zodiac 

Ears - Plain single ears 
Ear accessories - Black bling tunnel add ons & Piercing set #1 add on 
All @ Zombie suicide 

Chest piercing - Part of the Slither peircing setHoD 
Dress - My Talisman dress - SilverBoobieLicious at the Boobie show 
Arm tattoo - Passion - FadedPassion - Faded 
Inner wrist tattoo - Fallen tattoo HoD 
Rings - Melissa rings - Grey - Silver packBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle 
Garter - Smexay garter - Solid white Hollipocket 
Boots - Aphrodite Ultra Black LeatherP10 

Candy floss

Hello everyone!!

Happy sunday to all :o)

As its sunday, that means lazy sunday, and Hollipocket has this pack of 3 pretty pastel tops on sale. The Wrap up tops come with tango appliers included.

As I mentioned yesterday, Im on a hunt for hair that shows the ears, so I can display my new toys lol, and Ploom was were I headed, and didnt disappoint \o/

Hair - Mimi- Pinks & PurplesPloom 
Piercing - Fire in the water - FrostHoD 
Glasses - Reader glasses - WhiteAcid & Mala 

Ears - Plain ears - Size 3 
Ear accessories - Piercing set #1 add on & White bling tunnel add on
All @ Zombie suicide 

Tops - Wrap up tops @ Hollipocket (For Lazy sunday) 
Nails - Long nails V2 - passion - Ombre pack 2Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Pink leatherBens beauty 

Tattoos ::
Left hip - Boy count - Faded
Right hip - Sisters symbol - Fresh 
Both @ Tenjin

Skirt - Itty Bitty mini - Pink L'exception 
Tights - Fishet wide - Full - White Erratic 
Garter - Smexay garter - White - Dotty - PinkHollipocket
Boots - Mesh Neo Mega Stompers*Epic*

Yes d-ear

I bought ears! Lol and I totally ADORE em! Ive wanted to gauge my ears in RL for  some time now, but after having 2 dermal anchors rejected by my (stoopid) body, I dont think Ill get round to doing it. Sooo I shall admire my SL gauged ears, and show them off whenever I can :oD

So my new fave toys are from Zombie suicide and they they come as plain gauged ears - with holes, or with a plain plug. Then once you have the basic gauged ears, you have the option to then buy add-ons, I bought the piercings and the diamante plugs. Love them -  LOVE them!!

Im going to be on a hunt now for hair that shows the ears off to the max lol.

Hair - Valerie2 - Rye @ Wasabi pills

Ears - Plain single ear - Size 3 
Piercing add on - Piercing set #1
Plug add on - Black bling tunnel
All @ Zombie suicide 

Face/chest piercing - Slither - SlideHoD 
Top - Hot cross top - BlackEyelure (New)
Tattoo - Star blast - BlackPara designs 
Necklace - SanctuaryKOSH 
Jeans - Worn in skinny jeans - Med blue Forever Young 
Shoes - Sense - BlackN-Core 
Bangles - Asteroid - BlueLouLou 
Nails - Long nails - Classic -  BlackMstyle