Saturday, 31 March 2012

Naughty but nice

Woot woo! A very sexy tank top that shows all the goodies!!! I normally call t shirts that show the under boob, booby tops, but this one I think has to be called a nipple top!!
Im not THAT outrageous as to show the pointy sisters, so I opted to cover them with the brill body paint from Plastik. I did tho, wanna show off the perfectely toned abs-curtesy of all those hours at the SL gym :o)
The t shirt  is from Kennedys, and I have to say this store is fooking hawt!! It stocks clobber that is sexy, edgy, hawt and funky. Its also involved in some wicked SL shopping groups (60L weekend & GFW etc) which is how I came to find this lil gem, AND that also means BARGAINS!!!

So working down...

Hair - The Abyss -
Makeup - Acid & Mala -
Earrings - Virtual Insanity -
T-shirt - Kennedys -
Body paint - Plastik -
Tattoo - Holli Pocket -
Jeans - Sakide -
Just before I logged today, I gots a notice for the new Grunge Soul Project collection, so being as nosey as I am, I had to toddle off for a looksy, and Im glad I did, as I gots meself a wicked pair of meshy pants curtesy of Ines Creations & a funky Skull necklace by *I <3 fashion* well yes i do!!
Id earlier been to Sakide and picked up gorgeous Bow Corsets that can be worn a couple ways and had thought id blog em tomorrow but they looked so good together they made a complete new package \o/
Ooohhh! And the hair is a new relase too, from Exile *feels all squidgy* shopping heaven :o)

Bow corset - Sakide -
Jeans (mesh)  - Ines Creations @ GPS -

Hair (mesh) - Exile -
Necklace - I <3 fashion @ GSP -

Bye bye La Venta Eventa :(

Well this weekend is the last of  La Venta Eventa :o(  this was one of my fave weekly shopping events, the designers were always so awesome and creative, I dont think there was a week that went by that I didnt buy something. This week was no different. Virtual Insanity have all rings on offer for the event so I picked up a few pairs, and while I was there I bought gorgeous earrings and matching rings that they have for Taste of SL.

 Earring/ Ring/Nails - Virtual Insanity -

So on to todays outfit which is a wicked little top from Imbue, draped down the sides and with a sculpted prim. Ive teamed it with a tie dyed micro mini from Paper.doll. Im not sure you can still get these skirts so if you cant just imagine me sticking my tongue out an singing "I got it an you havent!" The shoes are brill-totally colour change so you can team them with absolutely anythin ya like, which is always handy right?

Top- Imbue -
Skirt - Paper.doll -
Shoes - Divas -
Tattoo - Para -
Hair - Truth -

Friday, 30 March 2012


Wootles!!!  I got the new  mesh  booties Ive been after  - Jazz from Maitreya. These are gorgeous suede over knee boots, with wedge heels. Because they are wedge heels they arent too tarty-just sexy. (For the record i LOVE tarty-i jus dont want to be a tart everday!!)

Boots - Maitreya -
Hair - Wasabi Pills -
Top - Ines Creations -
Skirt - Plastik -
Glasses - Acid & Mala -

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Retro glam..

The playsuit... this one reminds me of a 60s/70s (?) disco dance outfit-i dunno if thats the young ok??? (and a liar but lets leave that alone..) Anyhoo, its from Line, what i love about Line stuff , is the textures and attention to detail, like the prims blend in seemlessly with the textures. And even skirt prims -when i buy from anywhere i need to edit linked parts, and fiddle till im happy (oooo-er Mrs!!) but with Line, i dont (which is good as their prims arent mod-which annoys me usually)

Playsuit - Line -
Shoes - N-core-
Nails - Virtual/Insanity -
Bangles & Rings - Mandala -
Hair-Catwa -

Alright in white..(and black)

Went on a little shopping trip to :::Line::: with the girls and one of us bought the whole shop! Wont say who, lets just say shes small and
Anyway, teamed the line dress with my faithful Baxies. I had to get these ones resized to a shape ive tweaked, and while i was there i checked for updates, turns out i had 5 pairs of the Prestige (knee boots) that had updates, so if you already own a pair of Bax's (is there anybody that doesnt??) be sure to check :o)

Dress- Line-
Boots- Bax -
Gloves & Leg band- LouLou-
Tattoo - Para -

Hair- Magika -
Glasses- Acid & Mala -
Choker/Nails - Virtual Insanity -
Earrings- LouLou-

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brook went AWOL!!

Soooo sorry peeps, had a ton of stuff lately thats just meant ive not been able to do any blogging, but hopefully Ill be back to normal again from now! \o/
RL has been ultra busy, but also SL too...rem the neighbours i told you about? Well they totally (and i meant sooo totally-there should be a new word invented) lagged up the whole sim we shared (we originally had a quarter sim each), i literally couldnt walk some days, so when they moved off i decided to rent their quarter too \o/ so now i have half a gorgeous beach sim, and jus 2 other neighbours!
My gorgeous, hawt and totally overwhelmingly talented friend Victorya Berkmans has landscaped the whole half a sim and i gotta say, its absolutely gorgeous, im totally in love wi my home now, and im never ever gonna move (if i can help it-lately its been one sim move after another)
heres a lil before and after of the sim::
So yeah prety much of an improvement and i gotta say, down actuallly on the land , it looks totally awesome. Vics said that shed love to do more, soooo if anyone wants any landscaping/terraforming or stuffies done, jus search Victorya Berkmans :o)

Ive been hangin with my friends every chance i get, so you can blame them for a lack of blogging too lol

 Left to right:: Leo, Me, Vic, Di & Mel \o/
(Pic is Vics)
Im wearing::
If anyone wants to know where any of the other girls stuff is from, give me a holla or nc inworld and ill make sure to tell ya :o)

Ok so back to normal now-promise, see ya tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

No humps on this humpday

From girly to.....ummmm...i dunno what youd call this look, but it aint girly thats for sure. Not caring though cos im lovin this skirt & top combo.
Skirt is from an outfit which includes the belt, and a sexy little cropped vest in 2 versions (sheer & normal) The outfit is called Atomic and is by Apple May. Both the skirt and the tops are available seperately in different colours, and the belt is also available in red.
The top, is one ive been hoarding in my inv, from when i was modelling at Delirium, but is still available in a few different colour combos, with a collar attatchment that im not wearing.

Top - Delirium -
Skirt - Apple May -
Boots - Maitreya -

Monday, 12 March 2012


Gawd, well this is feminine, isnt it. But i love it, its just stuff that i had already in my inv, but when i put it on, i had to blog it-this blog serves as a great reminder of outfits ive liked lol The top is very feminine, but ultra low so still really sexy and i love the little ribbons on the lace socks-gorgeous

Hair-Exile at TDR Blue -
Cardi & socks - Kyoot-
Shorts-Paper.doll -
Shoes - Lelutka -

Moaning monday

Ugh I hope the new Phoenix update (when it comes) has my favourite features of Firestorm, mainly the ability to wear multiple layers of tattoos & alphas. If it does, it'll be the perfect viewer-so fingers crossed. The reason im in need of that ability is because ive completely embraced the mesh! But having to wear an alpha layer for, say, a mesh top, means i cant wear one for my shoes :o/ So ive been juggling between the few pairs of shoes i have, that have the invisprims. These are the Sakide shoes (come with an invisprim option) and the N-Core shoes (you can turn alphas on through the brillaint hud that comes with the shoes) Sadly though the new N-Core Euphoria boots dont have that option so Im still stuck with the mesh clothes/what shoes conundrum. Same applies with all the gorgeous new hairs out, some are ok and fit well, but others I need the alpha to hide my head as it stick out of some hair, and mesh hair cant be resized *sighs* So meshy moan done, onto the clothes..

The top in this pic is the meshy part, and the shoes were a group gift from N-Core.

Hair-Magika -
Outfit- Apple May-
Shoes -
Nails -

The mesh in this pic is the boots, and the hair. Lovin these boots to dress down sexy gear, and im love - love - loving the sexy gear in this piccy. The oufit is complete with skirt, top, stockings & armbands \o/

Hair - [ e l i k a t i r a ] -
Outfit - AlterEgo -
Boots - [GOS] -
Nails - Love Soul -

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wootles for the weekend!!

Yaaay Its the weekend!! Dunno why but this week has gone really slow, and Ive been  sooo busy, so this weekend imma take it easy and jus go with the flow!
Couple outfits in todays blog as i havent had the chance to blog all week. We have a few mesh items here too, loving the meshy goodness but be sure you have an up to date viewer!!
First up is a new outfit from Apple May, called Ringer. Im so loving this one, the top is mesh and comes in the 4 standard sizes, and with it comes the gorgeous high waisted hotpants. The top is also available seperately in a variety of colours and ive managed to stop myself getting it in every one..
The hair is mesh too, so its vital you try on a demo as mesh hair isnt able to be resized.

Outfit-Apple May-
Hair- Magika -
Choker/nails- Virtual Insanity -
Lip Piercing - LouLou -
Shoes - Sakide -
Tattoo - Pekka -

Next up is a sexy little number from Crush called Doubletake, it comes with the stockings. Ive teamed this outfit with fabby meshy boots from [GOS] at the march mesh madness fair and the new hair from truth.

Outfit- Crush -
Boots  - [GOS] @ MMM -
Legstrap/Armcuffs/ Bracelets - LouLou -
Hair - Truth -
Tattoo/piercings- as above

Next up, back to one of my fave stores again- AlterEgo, its a group gift but is available to buy in a variety of colours. The outfit comes with the socks and the armbands, and also some facepaint and eyeshadow too that i dont have on in this pic.

Hair- Elikatira -
Outfit - AlterEgo -
Boots - DRD -
Tattoo - Para Designs -
Necklace - Pepper -
Nails & Piercings- as before

Finally a lovely look that you just cant pick when to wear, it only comes curtesy of SL...and surprises you when you log in......i was sooooo lucky today, i got to rock this look 3 times...Yay thankies SL!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bright and breezy and fighting the lag

I braved the lag today at the Whore Couture event, and im glad i did. Not only is there a wall of dollarbies and freebs (always good right?) but there are  tons and tons of new- exclusive releases from some of the best designers on the grid. I had reduced my script count in preperation and i managed to get my count down to 75 which is absolutely amazing for me...but rather annoyingly i still had a script warning come up on my screen every few seconds, along with an ejection warning. This was particually annoying as it said over 100 was too many and i was 25 less than that..grrrr. I wasnt ejected thankfully, but it was wearing a bit thin by the time id got halfway round :o/
Anyway my favourite purchase of the day was this skirt, from CandyDoll and rather than get it in all the usual colours i decided to brighten my day up a bit and go for shocking pink.
I really wanted to colour clash the skirt for todays blog so at first i opted for a bright yellow bra top id seen at Sticky Fingers a while back and had been waiting to get. That looked gorgeous.....but then i had a notice come through about the new Private room event! So off i popped on my merry way, and fell in love with this gorgeous bright blue cropped bustier by 'retro. The shoes, i just happend to come across at n-core and are so perfect i had to get them.

Whore Couture -
Private Room -
N-Core -
Hair - Shag -
Sticky fingers -

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today theres a wicked hunt started for the Vitual Insanity subscribers. V/I is, as regular readers will know, one of my fave-fave stores in SL, and what i didnt realise is i must have been shopping here since it first opened, on a litttle sim- i think-was called the Heart & Sole sim, tho i could be mistaken. Anyway V/I is celebrating its 3rd birthday with a mini hunt, and special offers \o/
The headband, nails, earrings, necklace and ciggie are all lucky finds plus theres other gorgeous goodies too, 9 in total.
The dress is from Sakide which as you may know is also one of my fave stores, they have put this dress, in 3 colours, outside their satellite store on the V/I sim, along with other stores like LouLou (i bought some  gloves from LouLou but didnt add them in the pic :o/ my bad) All the offers are prices at 33L, 66L or!!
Ive paired the dress with a little cropped booby t'shirt from AlterEgo as, although the dress comes with a black tshirt, i wanted to highlight the waist cincher skirt.
Lovin this look so much, imma wear it for hostin at Papas reopening later \o/

Virtual Insanity -
AlterEgo -
Papa's Beach Club -

If youre not a subscribo at V/I all the hunt items can be bought for 33L, but you can just subscribe and unsubscribe, but in all honesty if ya leave this wicked stores subscribo ya gotta be mad-Im in the group and the subscribo and wont ever be leavin!!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Out all night.......

Stayed out very late tonight, and ya know how it is, ya get in all kinds of trouble after midnight
Not goin into what i was arrested for.....lets just say someones gonna wakeup with more than a hangover in the morning.....

Hair - -
Makeup - Delirium Style -
Earrings/rings - Virtual Insanity -
Top - Deetalez -
Jeans - Linc -
Boots - Maitreya -
Tattoo - Seraphim gift -

Goin to be  on my best behaviour tomorrow, promise :o)

Get that friday feeling!

Wooot!! Its friday!! Thats always a good reason to go shop, no? As Im hosting again at Bar None, I needed to find somethin appropriately over to AlterEgo I headed. Must say it was a hard choice, as ever, but i found exactly the sorta thing i was looking for- wildchild. This outfit comes with gloves, stockings & socks and 2 versions of the corset dress, its available in a few colours and as you can see i chose the pink. Teamed with arm tattoos, edgy hair and funky glasses, i think it errs on the side of rawkin sexy rather than tarty (hey i like tarty as much as the next girl, but when ya up on the dexx in a club ya dont wanna look too much yaknow??!) The Geneva shoe booty things go really well with it too methinks :o) Another thing im jus LOVIN' is the row of numbers on my shoulder, omg i know everyones gonna want em, but i think ill just keep em to myself :o/

Hair-  Catwa -
Glasses- Acid & Mala -
Dress- AlterEgo -
Tattoo- Para Designs -
Nails/Earrings - Virtual Insanity -
Boots- Similar Design -
Club Bar None -