Friday, 28 September 2012

OMFG & AFK. . . . .

Ohh-kayyy soo tomorrow is my Baby Boys birthday, hes gonna be 13 (Eeps!!- OMFG how did that happen?) Soo there prolly wont be any posts this weekend as its gonna be a busy one. . . . . .saying that though, if I do find myself with any free time, I WILL post, purely because I have gorgeous newness to show. . . . . but we shall see, itll be either this weekend or monday. . . .

So with that, while Im here, I just have to show these drop dead gorgeous jeans, I STG these are THE best mesh jeans Ive ever seen in SL, they come with both the cuffed and an uncuffed version, are available in 13(!!) colours/designs, and look totally amazeballs. . . . .and amazeballs isnt a word I use lightly! Here Im just showing 2 of the colours, but seeing as Ive renamed them in my inv as "The best mesh jeans ever" you can be sure you'll be seeing the others very soon!!

The makeup is another show stopper, I love how we can buy makeups to transform our skins as and when we want, and soo much cheaper than buying new skins, and this makeup doesnt come much cheaper, 50L for all 4 gorgeous colours!!

Hair - Tequila - StrawberryLoQ 
Hairband - Like a prayer V2Virtual/Insanity 
Piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver [EY:NO] 
Earrings - Artistic hoop - L3 Bens beauty at Swag fest 
Crochet top - Kimchi lace top - white  @ So. Heartless at Jersey Shore  
Pasties - Bandaids - whitePlastik 
Bra top - Cute bish - Pink  laceBishes Inc 
Tattoo - Unfinished spring tattooTenjin 
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces - Combo - Long - BlueMaxi Gossomer 
Bracelets - Mess bangles - Silver [EY:NO] 
Rings - Melissa rings - Grey - SilverBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - frenchMstyle 
Jeans -  
Fresh skinny jeans - Faded blue - cuffed 
Worn in skinny jeans - light blue - cuffed 
Shoes - Temptation - PearlN - Core 
Makeups - Naturals - 4 packEyelure 

Red or black?

Swag fest is opening soon, theres loads and loads of awesome designers releasing exclusive items for the event, I cant wait to go, but am hoping its not a lag fest rather than a swag fest :o/
Until it opens, you can read more about it here

Hair - Ella  - Ombre LMons 
Piercing - I peench - blackVirtual/Insanity 
Cigarette - Ultimate cigaretteHermony 
Earrings - Artistic hoop earrings L6Bens beauty at Swag fest 
Necklace - Into the skully bloomVirtual/Insanity 
Lingerie - Cute bish - skulls Bishes Inc 
Tattoo - Thistle goddess tattooTenjin 
Arm cuff - Cigarettes arm strapDirtyland 
Bangles - Into the skully bloomVirtual/Insanity 
Nails - Long nails - Classic redMstyle 
Rings - Swag girl rings - red Bens beauty at swag fest 
Pants - Swag black denim baggiesStained clothing at Swag fest 
Coming to the Stained clothing mainstore soon!! 
Ass piercing - Dermal spike implants (Ass)Puncture 
Belly piercing - Emo belly piercingDirtyland 
Trainers - Taste da rainbow kicksStained clothing 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lemon drops

This dress is so suggestive and  sooooo sexy!! Its on sale for this weeks GFW and  comes in 2 versions, with the black lace trim, and without. It looks super cute with a lacey bra, pasties, or indeed nothing underneath. . . . . .ooh la la!!

Hair - Bacardi - Strawberry LoQ 
Piercing - I Peench - greyVirtual/Insanity 
Ciggy - Ultimate cigaretteHermony 
Earrings -  Artistic hoop earringsBens beauty at Swag fest 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - blackBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Rings - Swag girl rings - blackbens beauty at Swag fest 
Tattoo - Thistle goddess tattoo - freshTenjin at Jersey shore 
Dress - Night tease dress - Sun 'n' blackCysleek at Jersey shore 
Pasties - Bandaids - darkestPlastik 
Shoes - Sense 2 - CitronN - Core 
(Stockings come with shoes)

I like tequila

Hello peeps! And happy tuesday to you all :D
Todays outfit consists of a hawt lil denim high waisted skirt ( love it!) thats going to be on offer for this weeks GFW and a cuuute lil sequin top Ive had for ages from Linc.
The tattoo is also on offer for GFW and comes with a sleeves only version so can be worn with prim boobehs.
The fab statement earrings come in 6 colours and are only available for Swag fest - as are the swag girl rings.

Hair - Tequila - Sand blondeLoQ 
Piercing - I Peench - greyVirtual/Insanity 
Earrings - Artistic hoop earringsBens beauty at the Swag Fest 
Tattoo - Thistle goddess @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Top - Tied top - sequinLuck.Inc 
Skirt - Black jean corset skirt @ *Luckie* at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - blackBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Rings - Swag girl ringsbens beauty at the Swag Fest 
Boots - Radical - Black leatherMaitreya 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stars n Skulls

Tomorrows post - today, as Im not sure Ill be able to get my ass online . . . . . .soo that means no lazy sunday for me. . .again! Grrrr fkn RL who needs one??

On Left ::
Hair - Sam - w/roots - Driftwood @ Truth  (GG) 
Piercing - IPeench - black Virtual/Insanity 
Dress - Urban starStained clothing 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Trainers - Eat me kicksStained clothing 

On right ::
Hair - Sam - w/roots - Clove Truth  (GG) 
Piercing - IPeench - black @ Virtual/Insanity 
Outfit - Massive @ B.T.S 
Chest piercing - Bow uniJuly's 
Tattoo - Blood for poppies - fresh Tenjin at Beauty queen 
Nails - Perfect long nails - Elegant @ Mstyle 
Gloves - Studs gloves - blackSakide 
Trainers - Eat me kicksStained clothing 

Autumn breezes

Autumn is definatley upon us,the wind is cooler, the leaves on the trees are turning brown and falling, and we're all digging out woolly jumpers and warm hats.

I adore this hat, and I've been waiting for an excuse to wear it for months! It comes with a white version in the pack, and there's other colour packs available too.

The dress is a gorgeous snuggly hunt item, for the summer harvest hunt. It can be found at NiNight creations  HINT: You are looking for acorns and remember that "sometimes acorns fall off of the tree on giraffe's nose"

The chest tattoo is also a hunt gifty again at NiNight creations, for the Fab free hunt, it comes with 2 other tatts.  HINT :: you can find something cute at the NiNight Creation, if you like nice shadows on the ground ;)

Finally a word on the hair. Its a brilliant creation from BooN that is made especially to wear with hats, as there isnt much hair on the head, so wont poke out-genius! (Tho it will look kinda silly without a hat!)

Hat - Cold hat - Black fur - Style 5Candydoll 
Hair - YUME96 - BlondeBooN 
Piercing - Ipeench - blackVirtual/Insanity 
Chest tattoo - Believe in yourself @ NiNight creations  (Hunt item) 
Dress - Ladies loose sweater @ NiNight creations  (Hunt item) 
Rings - Melissa rings - Russet - Gold  @ Bens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Ankle boots - Part of the "Catch me" outfitSakide 
The "Catch me" oufit - if I remember correctly was a hunt gift, but I know that there are boots very similar still on sale at Sakide  :o) 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dont leave

OMG!!... Ninight (I sooo love that name!) creations has the cutest group gift. Its a gorgous meshy boyfriend shirt in white - perfect for throwing on after. . .well ya know. Or actually after hes been a total tool and upset ya, leaving you in ya bedroom, crying, and needing ice cream - grrr bloody men!!

Hair - Akane - Cats eye - centre partD!va 
Runny mascara - Mascara 5Kennedy's 
Shirt - Ladies mens shirt @ NiNight creations  (GG) 
Knee plasters - IgotsaboobooDelusions 
Socks (and poses) - Cozy socks - Dusty greyBaffle 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chillin with the girls

No need to get dressed up when Im chilling with the girls, or swans as theyre also known as :o/

Hair - Anywhere (01)Magika 
Face piercing - IpeenchVirtual/Insanity 
Necklace - Sideways cross necklace Kennedy's at Beauty queen 
Jumper - Slouchy long sleeve pullover - pinkShabby cat 
Nails - Long nails - classic frenchMstyle 
Ring - Cross ring (texture change)Bens beauty 
Shorts - Part of the Loya shirt & jeans outfit for GFW Cysleek at Jersey shore 
Boots - Stagioni boots - Coal Maitreya 

Pink apples

Two ultra sheXXXy little dresses, both with appliers for the big boobed brigade, both under 100L and both on the Jersey shore sim! Yeps more goodies for GFW \o/
Oooh the lime dress is also available in red, soooo thats 3 sheXXXy dresses even though Im only showing 2!!

Side note: The dresses are ultra sexy without appliers too :D

Pic on left : 
Hair - Faint (03) @ Magika 
Dress - Lacey long mini - Strawberry @ Hollipocket  (For GFW)
Shoes - Classic pumps - Mint @ Fanatik

Pic on right : 
Hair - Cookie - Vanilla pudding @ Wasabi pills 
Dress - 3 quarters dress - Lime @ Ellemeno at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - torn - Baby pink @ Hollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - Classic french @ Mstyle 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - Silver @ Bens beauty 
Shoes - Classic pumps - Baby pink @ Fanatik

Pale and interesting

Hello peeps, and happy wednesday to ya'll!!

As always wednesday means GFW!! My fave shopping event of the week, always lots of goodies to be snaffled, all under 100L so we can get lots without breaking the Linden bank \o/

Magika also has newness out, and its a gorgeous long wavey style. I always opt for the 03 hud, as it has dark and blonde colours with a bit of a twist - gorgeous!

Pic on right : 
Hair - Faint (03)Magika (New)
Earrings - Tanyeli earrings - blueBens beauty 
Face piercing - Ipeench piercingVirtual/Insanity 
Tattoo - Lalita chameli .:Coll:. at Beauty queen 
Top & shorts - Spring time @ B.T.S at Jersey shore   (For GFW)
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - blueBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - elegantMstyle 
Ring - Cross ring - texture changeBens beauty 

Pic on left : 
Hair - KBO906 - blonde @  BooN
Hairbase - Centre part A - blonde @  BooN
Top - Heatwave top @ 1 Hundred at Jersey shore   (For GFW)
Belly piercing - Passion piercingDirtyland 
Nails - Long nails - classic frenchMstyle 
Jeans - Tyra skinny - bleachedLuck Inc 
(Piercing/tattoo/bangles & ring as above) 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Battle of the bOObs

Happy monday peeps!!
Heres to a full week of sales, events, bargains all allround hawtness!!
Today theres 2 events I want to share, the Beauty Queen sale, and the boobie show.
Beauty Queen  is a brand new discount store selling wicked skins, shapes, shoes accessories and jewellry, seriously full of bargains for our greedy mitts!
When I heard the was a Boobies show  on in SL, I lolled, and lolled, and then thought, OMG a celebration of the bOObehs! And who doesnt think bOObs shud be celebrated? Theyre awesome!!

Pic on left:
Hair - Girlfriend in a coma - PaleLamb 
Face piercing - Ipeench - blackVirtual/Insanity 
Earrings - Many cross earrings (tex change - black)Bens beauty 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou 
Shirt - Girly girl blouse - Zebra (& appliers)  @ Hollipocket at the Boobie show 
Gloves - LolitaLouLou 
Bracelets - Mystic - silver (part of a set)Rivendell at Beauty Queen 
Nails - Perfect long nails - black @  Mstyle
Shoes - Classic pumps - blackFanatik 

Pic on right: 
Hair - Girlfriend in a coma - PaleLamb 
Earrings - Many cross earrings (tex change - silver)Bens beauty 
Face piercing - Ipeench - silverVirtual/Insanity 
Necklace - Pearls - combo - short - whiteMaxi Gossomer 
Top - Lacey lower - Hearts - baby pink (& appliers)  @ Hollipocket at the Boobie show 
Armcuffs/bracelets (& collar not shown) - Mystic - silver  @ Rivendell at Beauty queen
Gloves (& bracelets not shown) - Enigma - whiteLouLou 
Nails - Perfect long nails - french Mstyle 
Ring - Cross ring ( tex change - silver)Bens beauty 
Knickers - Naughty neon panties - white  @ Sexy things 
Jeans - Tyra jeans - turned up cuff - bleachedLuck Inc 
Belly piercing - Passion belly piercingDirtyland 
Shoes - Bowie pumps - Candy heartsHollipocket 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Minty fresh

Good evening lovely peeples!!
Ive had a truly lazy sunday today, reading, watching TV with the family, and all round bliss. So Im very late logging into SL, and havent even done the lazy sunday shopping, but its been worth it, its been heaven!

More boob action today, but Im still not completely happy with my bOObehs, *sighs*  Ill just have to keep fiddling till I get em just how I want em.
Todays little minty dress is from the gorgeous Sexy Things, and the appliers are bought seperately.
The shoes are gorgeous meshy goodness from Hollipocket, and are just too cute for words, aaand  they come in 27 colours!!

Hair - Kannibal - MomoiroRaw house 
Multi necklaces - Pearl necklaces - combo - short - pinkMaxi Gossomer 
Single necklace - Kawaii necklace - teal Lolapop 
Dress ( and appliers) - My lace trim leo slip - mint Sexy things 
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - torn - baby pinkHollipocket 
Rings - The 'stache ringsNorth west 
Shoes - Bowie pumps - spring flowerHollipocket 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Love - chillin

When I logged in to SL today, my friend, who'd been redoing my land for me, had left me an offline, telling me she'd finished doing the section we were redoing and that she hoped I loved it. . . . . . I gotta say, I couldnt love it more! I stg Im astounded at what she'd been able to do. So originally the plan was to keep half of my land sub tropical, cos I have a sorta beach house, and have the other half as this enchanted forest, but having seen what shes been able to do, we've decided its all gonna be an enchanted forest. . . and come winter, its going to be a winter wonderland!!!

Heres a lil pic of me chilling on said new land, Ill provide more pics when we've done the other end too, but in the mean time, if anyone needs someone to terraform/sculpt, design land, shoot me an IM inworld, and Ill pass it to my Vic :o)

As for the outfit, it really isnt one, just a hawt lil sloppy joe tee, knicks, and hair tied up. The tee is on sale right now for Eyelures Grabbit, and the hair is still available for Collabor88, but beware, Collabor88 has a new location, and D!vas hair will be changing soon, as this in last months style for the event.

Hair - Manon - Type A - Red amberDiva at Collabor88 (New location) 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - Silver[EY:NO] 
Tee - Love mini dressEyelure ( 50L for grabit sale) 
Ring - The 'stashe double loop ring - Silver/fushia @ Northwest ( For FLF) 
Nails - Long nails - classic- frenchMstyle 

My first bOObehs

Meet the girls. . . .

Yes, Ive succumbed to the prim boob trend, and yesterday purchased my first pair of boobehs!!
I was a bit wary at the beginning, because Ive seen some (In my opinion) ridiculous sized boobs in SL, and not so very many normalish sized ones. But after being reassured that they can be sized from teeny lil fried eggs, to gigantic melons - depending on preference, I decided to give em a go.
Im actually really pleased with them, there are of course some things that annoy me, the first one being, the seam where the boobs join the chest. There are clothing layers in the pack, that can be edited to skin tone, and so to blend the join, but being new to bOObs I havent mastered that yet. Theres also the skin matching - ughh with every skin we already have to match our feet, and now boobs as well (angry face). Windlight annoys me too, it also affects feet and honestly it annoys the living daylights out of me, say when Ive edited my feet and boobs on my personal favourite windlight (one that I prefer for photos - makes skin look clearer) then I go off somewhere else, and the windlight is different, of course then it makes my feet and boobs look mismatched, and frankly nooby. I cant begin to tell you how irritating that is.
But other than those little grumbles, Im lovin the bOObs, they give a really good shape, and look wicked from the side. Theyre easily resized easily edited and easily matched to skin colour.
Being of the rather busty variety in RL I dont want gigantic melons in SL so Ive opted to keep em like the pic on the right, but Ive enlarged em for the other pic on the left just to see, but I really dont think Id go any bigger than those Mommas there. . . . . . . but ya never know. . . . .never say never and all that!!
Prim boobs need appliers that come with certain clothes, Hollipocket  make em, as does Linc, and also Sexy things , among many others.
So there ya go, my new toys, and Im going to be playing with them a lot -  just till I have them perfect you understand. . . not that I like to play with boobs for yaknow, fun!

Left pic :
Hair - Baileys - Strawberry @  LoQ
Shirt (with appliers) - Girly girl shirt - white  @ Hollipocket
Skirt - Button demin skirt - classicL'exception 

Right pic :
Hair - Tilly - blondeMarie doll 
Top (with appliers) - Ootsy cutesy top - Pink peppermint Hollipocket 
Pants & knickers - Sport flower pantsHollipocket 

Both pics :
Necklaces  - Pearl necklaces - combo short - white & blueMaxi Gossomer 
Bangles - Asymetrique banglesJe suis
Nails - Long nails - classic - frenchMstyle
Ring - Cross ringBens beauty

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn breezes

Autumn is almost upon us in RL, and I dont know about where you are , but here in the UK, summer is hanging on by a thread, but the nights are drawing in, the evenings are cooler, and my feet are getting cold. . . . .all sure signs that winter is on its way!!
In SL though, I live on a tropical sim, all the palm trees and coconuts you could ever want, and I love it, but sometimes its nice for SL to reflect RL, and my friend Vic has transformed her land (next door to mine -hiydee neighbour!!) to a beautiful autumn forest, and she was keen to bring mine more up to date too! So today we spent the evening, transforming my land (I say we - I mean she - I just stood there rezzing things and asking if she could use em)
I don't know how she does it - a few months ago she transformed my land from a blank canvas to a beautiful tropical paradise, right before my eyes, I wish I had the skills.
Anyhoo, so I was going to showcase a few of the different designs of these awesome Hollipocket mesh trackies, but got totally sidetracked by all things terraform, that Ive only had time to show the one in a main pic, but believe me, these tracks are so comfy, but so hawt, ya gonna want em all.
Ill try to show the rest of what I have -_- plus a surprise -_- tomorrow, but until then, happy thursday peeps!

Hair - Set free - bleach Exile 
Top - Cropped sweater - blackShabby Cat 
Tummy tatt - Little bird tattTenjin at Jersey shore 
Pants & knickers -  Sport zebra pantsHollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - classic - blackMstyle 
Ring - Cross ring (texture change)Bens beauty 
Shoes - Rivea pumps - Queen snakeMstyle 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No angel

Happy humpday peeps!
Hope your week is going well :o) Only 2 days till the weekend - yay!!
Todays outfit of the day is monochrome which I absolutely love, and comes in the form of 2 tops that are available cheapsies for GFW. This weeks GFW has been an absolute stormer, and Ive been spoiled for choice as to what to show in the last couple posts. Only way to see all the goodies is too get ya asses down to Jersey shore sim and see for yourselves. . . . .  remember to take plenty of Lindens with ya, cos ya gonna need em :o) Oh and while gettin ya sexy clobber, be sure to stop by Shup Bish gestures, they have THE BEST gestures, and a cute lil paper bag full of 5 of em is on offer for 99L, I love em, but then Im a total gesture whore ... ﹛ ყ¡кℯѕ!﹜ and if you are too be sure to stop by, by  Clicking here :o)

Hair - Tatum 
Earrings - Always earringsBens beauty 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing[EY:NO] 
Tops ::
Black and white spots - Angel dotty mesh top @ So Heartless at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Red/black/white zebra - Moody tube @ 1 Hundred at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Tattoo (arms) - Willow fairy tattoo - fresh @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Nails - Long nails classic red & Perfect long nails - elegant coloursMstyle 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - blackBens beauty 
Rings (left hand) - Cross ring - (texture change)Bens beauty 
Ring (right hand) - Dick & diamonds ring Le primitif 
Tattoo (ass) - Rawrr tattoo[EY:NO] 
Jeans - Low unbuttoned jeans - skinny cuff - black Sakide 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Miss Prim

The cute lil shirt is one of 2 colours on sale this week for GFW from Hollipocket.
Holli is updating a lot of her stuffehs with appliers for prim boobehs for the curvier girls, and all the colours of these shirts are now available with appliers.

Hair - Pam- blonde funLelutka 
Glasses - Reader glasses - blackAcid & Mala 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing [EY:NO] 
Earrings - Combo earring set[EY:NO] 
Necklace - Filigran necklace[EY:NO] 
Shirt - Girly girl shirt- bubblegum @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow) 
Shorts - Ryn high waisted shortsKyoot 
Tattoo - Willow fairy tattoo - fresh @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow) 
Rings - Melissa rings - pinkBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Shoes - Classic pumps - blackFanatik 

ℱαίяч ∂αи¢є

Hello Loves!
Some goodies to show for my first post of the week (yes i know its tuesday-sshhhh!)
First up GFW, where you'll be able to get this beautiful tattoo from the awesome Tenjin, and also the uber hawt shorts from Luckie, both at a discounted price, along with tons of other goods \o/
The gorgeous top here is one of 4 exclusive colours, available at Perfect wardrobe from the amazingly talented Hollipocket - gorgeous!!

Hair- Noriko - ryeWasabi pills 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver [EY:NO] 
Necklaces - Babette combo - all - jet/silverMaxi Gossomer 
Tattoo - Willow fairy tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Top - Lace up onesy top - whiteHollipocket at Perfect wardrobe 
Shorts - Leather lace shorts*Luckie* at Jersey shore  (For GFW-tomorrow)
Gloves/bracelets - Enigma - whiteLouLou 
Nails/rings - Lucido nailsOnyx wear 
Shoes - Classic pumps - whiteFanatik 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cutt me up

Omg these dresses are hawt. As you know by now, Im obsessed with all things pussy (stop sniggering at the back. . . . .) and OMFG a skull!!! Soo I had to make the pink kitty/skull one my main focus, featuring lots of pink and black which jus work so well together.
Ive shown 5 versions of the dress, but in fact there are 21! So Im sure theres summink to suit everyone. I find these dresses work best with very little on underneath ;o)

Hair - Tatum 2 -
Facial piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver[EY:NO] 
Dress - Kittylicious cut off::Stained clothing::
Rib tattoo - Paulys caddyTenjin 
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - baby pink - tornHollipocket 
Bangles - Dulce muerteLouLou 
Nails - Long nails - elegantMstyle 
Tights - Ornament leggings - enmeshed long low waistBax 
Boots - Ankle boot - black suede Bax 

On left:
Hair - Teeloh - choc mintWasabi pills
Earrings - (part of a set) - Heart set - bronzeBens beauty
Necklace - (part of a set) - Amanda set - OrangeBens beauty
Dress - Hipchick cuttoff::Stained clothing::
Bra/knickers - Amber orange  setReasonable desires
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelts - bronzeBens beauty
Nails - Long nails - elegant @  Mstyle
Boots - Radical - caramel leatherMaitreya

In Middle:
Hair - YNO421 - blonde @ BooN
Hairbase - Gathered raised hairbase - blonde BooN
Earrings - Many cross earringsBens beauty
Tops - Stash cutt off & Sex bomb cutt off::Stained clothing::
Tattoo - Loyalty - colour - mediumPara designs
Jeans - Sassy low capri - washedSakide

On right:
Hair - Stevie - StreakedPloom
Earrings/necklace - Blue dream setBens beauty
Dress - Girly cutt off::Stained clothing::
tattoo - Loyalty - colour - medium   @ Para designs
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets @ Bens beauty 
Nails-  Long nails - elegant @ Mstyle
Shoes - Not so classic pumps - cake @ Fanatik

Friday, 7 September 2012

šσмєтђίиցš ƒίşђч

1965 is back!! Woo-hoooo Im so happy cos Ive missed this store so much!
Currently you can only buy from the Marketplace but Im hoping for a inworld mainstore soon \o/
These leggings, tops and shoes are all a part of  the new autumn range, and proper smokin - good to have ya back Mathy!!

Hair - Cookie mesh hair - Licorice & Vanilla pudding @ Wasabi pills ( FLF cheapy) 
Ciggy - Ultimate cigaretteHermony 
Tops - Rocks shirts - Jaws edition & Piranhas edition 
Leggings - Artpop leggings - Sea & Savane 
Shoes - Stripper boots - Silver & Gold 
Nails - Long nails - elegant Mstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - D blue/silverBens beauty 


I totally fell in love with this outfit as soon as I saw it. It comes with the bra and corset, and the mesh skirt (5 sizes) I felt it needed dark hair, and even though Im usually blonde , Im loving it. The accessories from LouLou complement it perfectly.

Hair - AwkwardMagika 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver[EY:NO] 
Necklace - Dulce Muerte V2 LouLou 
Outfit - ExcusesAlterEgo 
Gloves & bracelets set - Dulce MuerteLouLou 
Nails - Elegant nailsMstyle 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I adore this meshy dress - its a rock chick styley, and its got a wild cat on - whats not to love?
Having 2 gorgeous but loony Bengals at home, Im completely obsessed with all things feline.
Cats eye makeup with vampy red lipstick and nails complete the look.

Hair - Edie - seasprayTruth 
Makeup - Cats eyes makeupDamned 
Earrings/necklace/rings  - Crucifix set - silver[EY:NO] 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver[EY:NO] 
Cigarette - Ultimate cigarette Hermony 
Tattoo - Loyalty - colour - medium Para designs 
Hand tapes - Taped fistSiniStyle 
Nails - Long nails - classic - redMstyle 
Dress - Rawr dressTentacio at 60 mesh atelier 
Tights - Ornament leggings @ Bax   (Group gift) 
Shoes - Shark - passionN-Core 

Łємσи ρίє

The days are getting cooler, but we still wanna show off those tans, so a cardi or  shrug over a hawt lil dress is a good way to go.
The shrug here comes in a loads of colours (this one was a past group gifty) and the lil dress from Hollipocket comes with the applier for prim boobies too for all those curvy girls out there :o) It can be snaffled on the cheap today!

Hair - AmandaCaTwA 
Earrings/ring - Orient setBens beauty 
Chest  tattoo - Forever in your handTenjin at Jersey shore 
Shrug - My cute shrug - yellow @ [EY:NO] 
Dress - Netty mini - baby blue @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Nails - Stylish nails - french text (texture change) @ Virtual/Insanity 
Shoes - Classic pumps - lemonFanatik

ƒєєŁ тђє βяєєzє

I love the colours in this outfit, it looks awesome with both tanned, and pale skins, so cute! Plus you can grab it for 95L the set-  woohoo!!

Hair - KBO906 - blondeBooN 
Hairbase - Centre part A - blonde BooN 
Earrings/rings - Orient ring/earring set Bens beauty 
Outfit - Purple & blue breeze @ {U.R.} Fashion at Jersey Shore   (For GFW) 
Chest tattoo - Forever in your handTenjin at Jersey shore  
Tummy tattoo - Boy countTenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Bag - Dudda mesh bag - pink.::Censored:. at 60 Mesh atelier 
Shoes - Classic pumps - lilacFanatik 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

ѕυցαʀ ѕкυŁŁ

A skull tank!!! \o/ Woohoooooo!!!
Ok so regular readers will know I have a passion for all things skull and skellington!! And this one is just awesome!!
And a cute panda one for people not so obsessed by skulls lol
Both are available at the totally 60 mesh artelier event, I stg this event  is awesome for people who love all things meshy-so thats all of us right?

Hair - Iekelene - blonde99 Elephants 
Earrings/ring on left hand - Lace ribbon earrings & ring setBens beauty 
Ring on right hand - White glitter gun ringSugar at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Nails - Half flick nailsOnyx wear 
Tanks - Skull mix top/ Panda topFe Style at 60 mesh atelier
Tights - Fishup netsHollipocket 

ŧαℓкίиց ίи ŧσиցυєş

Omg how cool is this tongue? Lol I love it!
The denim skirt is available in 5 different washes and has gorgeous lace pockets on the back.
The tank is available in mens version too and is on sale for GFW, as are the wicked gun rings \o/

Hair - Set free - leather Exile 
Tongue - My new tongueKennedy's 
Tank - Bath salts tank @ Forever young at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Skirt - Lace pocket skirt - antiqueL'exception 
Boots - Triumph boots[Gos] 
Gloves - Enigma - blackLouLou 
Nails - Blinged nails - redForever young at Jersey shore 
Rings - White mesh glitter gun rings @ Sugar at Jersey shore  (for GFW) 

ίრ βα¢к

Did you think Id fallen off the planet? Lol I think that would have been preferable, as I havent been well and have spent the most of the weekend rolling round in bed feeling sorry for myself, while my husband ran up and downstairs bringing me meds and hot drinks. . . . . . aww poor me!!
Im glad to say Im feeling much better and back to normal.
I missed all the weekend shopping events (sobs) and am sooo behind in what I wanted to show you, so please bear with my as I get myself back on track!
So with that said, here we go :o)

Pic on left ::
Hair - Tamara - seasprayTruth 
Top & skirt set - NanetteLMD @ 60 Mesh artelier 
Bangle - Hoop mesh bangles - blackBens beauty 
Rings - Melissa rings - silver- greyBens beauty 
Nails - Blinged nails- steel Forever young 

Pic on right ::
Hair - Set free - bleachExile 
Earrings/ring - Lace ribbon set (texture change) @ Bens beauty 
Skirt/top - Audry @ Sugar & cyanide at Jersey shore  (For tomorrows GFW) 
Nails - Blinged nails - frenchForever young