Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, hope ya'll have a spooktacular time!!

Cast the nets

Its finally here peeps!! October 31st. . . . . can only mean one thing. . . . . .GFW!!!! Yes its another round of the awesomest sale  event in the world and its another stormer \o/
Ohh and of course. . . theres also something else happening today. . . . cant seem to remember what tho :o/ . .. . . . .  .Im sure it will come back to me later

Hair - Cheyenne - FadesTruth 
Face piercing - WeaknessPekka
Necklaces  - Pearls - Colour mixing necklacesMaxi Gossomer 
Dresses ( and appliers) - Fishy tight minis - Lilac/Bubblegum/Lemon @ Hollipocket  (For GFW)
Tattoo - Cherry blossom - Black - MediumPara designs 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - FatpackBishes Inc 
Nails - Long nails - Ombre 1 packMstyle 
Rings - Melissa ring - Silver fatpackBens beauty 
Boots - Mesh Neo mega stompers - Bubblegum @ Epic at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The lesser spotted Minx

Omg Im so in lurve with these stompers from Epic, they really are truely Epic indeedly!! There are 2 colours on sale for this weeks GFW,  these white ones, and a gorgeous pink colour too \o/
The bodysuit is also on sale for the event, and comes with the appliers in the pack. If you havent yet embraced the prim boobs trend, why not? Lol seriously everybodys doin appliers, and they really can make all the difference to an outfit, slightly annoying when ya constantly changing skins but hey ho- we all suffer for our beauty right? 
Also a huge mention about Shup bish gestures, they have a wicked bag of 3 gestures on sale, and one definately seemed to have been made with me in mind! Im only 5ft in RL, so when I saw this gesture, it was immediately activated to be used a lot : 
*\. أ'm пo ﻜɦoʀէ...        *\. أ'm ͼoпͼᴇпէʀаէᴇⅾ ашᴇﻜoʍᴇ.  ツ 
ahahah Im also going to use that in real...just wish I cud mimic the cute lil voice that says it!! 

Hair - Bacardi - BrownLoQ 
Piercing - WeaknessPekka 
Necklace - Like a prayer choker - White Virtual/Insanity 
Tattoo - Leopard spots - LightPekka 
Armband - The knife armbandVirtual/Insanity 
Bodysuit (and appliers) - My sexy highwaisted bodysuitBoobielicious at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Leg strap - Pistolero - Black LouLou 
Boots - Mesh Neo Mega Stompers - GlacierEpic at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Nails - Anti flick nailsOnyx wear 
Rings - Shield rings - Black & silverLaGyo 
Shup bish gestures - Shup Bish at Jersey shore (For GFW)

Sugar coated

Getting away from all the Halloweeny goodness for a sec, and onto something sooo cutely pretty :D
This dress comes with appliers for prim boob lovers, and is on sale for tomorrows GFW \o/ Cute annnd cheap - result!!
Id forgotten I even had these gorgeous wedges in my inv, and as a result of mis-spelling something I was looking for, I found em - woohooo!! I really need so sort this mess of an inv out someday :o/

Hair - Awkward (Hud 01)Magika 
Piercing - Lucky crossLouLou 
Dress ( and appliers) - Sweater dress - Pink*Luckie* at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Belt - Bow waist belt - Black  (past hunt item) @ Izzies 
Rings - Shield rings - Silver/blackLaGyo 
Nails - Anti flick nailsOnyx wear 
Shoes (and socks) - Moxie wedges - Coal @ Maitreya 

The haunting of Brookie Rascon

Happy Halloweens eve peeps!!
A fun post today, as SL has totally embraced Halloween, theres lots of events going on right now, I and a friend found a wicked haunted house today, that was totally deserted and so we had it all to ourselves. Its called Bloodmoon haunted manor and has tons of interactive things to do and take piccies of,  you can go yourself here  \o/

Dress and stockings - Wednesdays childShabby cat 
Ankle boots - Sassy high heels - Black damaskSakide 
Necklace - Antique cross necklaceBens beauty 
Haunted house location - Bloodmoon haunted manor 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Suicidal Halloween

Have ya'll got ya ya Halloween outfits yet? Cos heres a stunning freebie from Suicidal Unborn. . . . seriously its too good to be free. . .but free it is. . . .so nab it while ya can lucky peeps, it comes with the sexy bodysuit, aaand appliers, ripped stockings, bloody mouth, and 2 types of eyes, grey and red (though I havent used either - Im still crushing on Plastiks eyes I gots in mah Lazy sunday bargain lol) 

Hair - AndarialMagika 
Eyes - Vae collection (In todays lazy Insiduous sunday dress pack) @ Plastik 
Piercing - I Peench - BronzeVirtual/Insanity 
Mouth knife - Victim munchieVirtual/Insanity  (past item-may not be available) 
Gloves - Fingerless armwarmers - Purple::RU-End:: at Jersey shore 
Rings - Fleur De Lis - SkullMaxi Gossomer 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Outfit - Vampire warrior Suicidal Unborn 

Lazy sunday - Skulleh style

Sunday nights are normally a somewhat depressing time, as the weekend is almost over, and the working week is just a few hours away. . . but not this sunday!. . . . .As halloween is just around the corner, pumpkins are bought and costumes are planned. . . its one of the highlights of the cold season!!

Aikea over at Plastik always goes mad at Halloween, and with todays Lazy sunday purchase you not only get a gorgeous skully (Omfg ya know I LOVE skullehs right?) dress, in silver or orange, but also tons of other goodies in each pack, including these Fantabulous eyes which are faaaar too cute to only wear seasonally.

Also, Bax (the genius boot makers) have released sexy nylons, and these ones are free to group members.
The tattoo is a hunt item at Custom Inkz and Magika have this gorgeous hair (along with an orange tone) free to subscribers too!! Sexy bargains galore \o/

Hair - Faint - Halloween edition - Blood @ Magika (Subscriber gifty)
Piercing - I Peench - Full Virtual/Insanity 
Dress & eyes (Other stuffs too!)- Insidious @ Plastik  (For lazy sunday)
Tattoo -Skeleton tattoo @ Custom Inkz  (Hunt item) 
Necklace - Antique crossBens beauty 
Bangles - Mess bangles @ [EY:NO] (for Lazy sunday) 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings - Skull - FleurDeLisMaxi Gossomer 
Tights - Ornament leggings - Spiderweb @ Bax  (Group gifty)
Boots - Bax prestige - Silver Bax

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Froggy style

Lol Ive called this post Froggly style, cos I can HEAR the frogs while Im down here, but we just cant SEE em!! Something Im going to have to remedy.

If you're like me, in RL you're putting all ya summer clothes away and bringing out the woolies :o/ Ahh winter you will not defeat us!! And so, in SL along come gorgeous woolies to keep us warm. . . . In RL Id be wearing this over a thermal vest and jeans. With thick socks, scarves and a hat . . .but seeing as its SL a pair of sexy boots will do!! (brrrrr)

Hair - Cheyenne with roots - FrappuccinoTruth 
Eyeshadow - Indian - WhiteEmporium   
Necklace - Antique Cross necklace (Texture change)  @ Bens beauty
Jumper - Loose shaded sweater - 7 NiNight Creations 
Rings - Melissa rings - Grey - SilverBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic french Mstyle 
Boots - Radical - Black leather @  Maitreya 


OOhh just what we need in preperation for our lazy sunday tomorrow. . . some super cute & comfy sweat pants. Perfect for lazing, chilling and shopping - all my fave things to do!!

Hair - Cheyenne - SurfTruth 
Earrings - Obnoxious hoops - SilverApple May Designs 
Pearl necklaces -  Combo short - White
Pearl necklaces -  Combo short - Blue 
Both @ Maxi Gossomer 
Top (& appliers) - Hanky top- WhiteHollipocket 
Upper tattoo - Willow fairy - Fresh  
Lower tattoo - Butterfly party - Fresh  
Both @ Tenjin
Belly piercing - Passion belly piercingDirtyland 
Pants - Sexy sweats - Blue & CharcoalEyelure 
Nails - Long nails - Surf with me (Ombre pack)Mstyle 

Zebra stylee

Before I do my saturday shopping, I wanted to show this hawt lil dress from Hollipocket. The fabric is soooo pretty, and, as most of Hollies stuff, can be worn without appliers. Its at a super cheap price for the I love SL fashion event, so grab it while its cheap!
Im still loving the tears face piercing I picked up from Dirtyland. As with everything else I take off, no matter how much I love it, its destiny is to be lost in my inv forever. . . .soooo Im hoping if I feature it a few times here, Ill remember I own it, and can wear it lots more!

Hair - Faint (03)Magika 
Piercing - B.S PiercingDirtyland 
Choker - Hesperide - Black & L PinkLouLou 
Tattoo - Thistle goddess tattoo - Complete no chest - FreshTenjin 
Dress & appliers - Staticlicious - Zebraflowas @ Hollipocket at I <3 SL Fashion 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - Black & pinkBishes Inc 
Bow ring (right hand) - Bow mesh ring - PinkBens beauty 
Rings (left hand) - Cross ringBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Shoes - Cherie - Zebra N-Core 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bite me Barbie

Hello peeps, happy friday!
Lots going on in SL right now, what with Halloween, and hunts etc. . . . but Im loving the boobieshow, which has some fantastic designers celebrating boobs \o/ Most boobie clothes can be worn without prim boobs, but its nice to have even more options for our avis right?

*Dreams* Wouldnt it be amazing to be able to take off, or increase/decrease our boobehs at the touch of a button in RL though? Ohh Id so love that, being of the big boobed variety in reality, I wish I cud take em off on an hourly basis *sighs*

Oooops, back to the deets. . . .
The tops are by Hollipocket (atm only available at boobieshow), and each one come in 3 colours (black/white/pink).
The gorgeous lil face piercing is a new release from Dirtyland, I had to snap it up as soon as I saw it.
The cute lil shoes are a new release from Stained, they come in loads of wicked halloween designs,but Ill feature em properly in another post this weekend :o) today I went with the black, which have a fine sprinkling of halloween orange on em - too cute.

Hair - Set free - DirtyExile 
Piercing - B.S piercingDirtyland 
Necklace - Hesperide - Black &  L PinkLouLou 
Tops - Bewbie topsHollipocket at the Boobieshow 
Tattoo - Odd one tattoo - No chest - FreshTenjin 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver[EY:NO] 
Rings (Left hand)  - Cross rings (texture change) Bens beauty 
Ring - Right hand - Bow mesh ring - PinkBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Belly piercing - Emo belly piercingDirtyland 
Belt - Bite me beltDelirium 
Jeans - Tyra Lowrise- Skinny cuffed - Bleached blue Luck.Inc 
Shoes - Black heeled pumps Stained clothing 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rumpy Pumpkin

Omg I lolled when I saw this top - its completely awesome. Holli has done it again!! It comes with appliers for prim boobs, but still looks wicked with SL boobs as theres both prim stems for appliers and non appliers. Its only available from Perfect wardrobe, as are the earrings.
As I decided to go a bit pumpkin mad with this post, not everything is going to be available still, as some stuff is from last year, but Ill still provide the slurl and a lil (?) for if I'm not sure :o)

Hair - Bettylou - Black-gold (GG)  @ Exile 
Lil pumpkins in hair - Pumpkin hairpins (pack of 3 designs) @ *Seasons* 
Large pumpkins on bow in hair - Part of a past Halloween outfit @ Delirium  (?)
Piercing - Part of a past Halloween outfitDelirium (?) 
Earrings - April earrings - HalloweenBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe  
Top - Pumpkin bittiesHollipocket at Perfect wardrobe 
Tattoo - Dark flying bats tattoo (GG) Noya on MP 
(Free gifts are sent out to customers of Noya) 
Pants - Swag black denim mesh baggiesStained clothing 
Belly piercing - Belly goth piercingJamman 
Bangles/rings/nails - Into the dark bloom @ Virtual/Insanity  (?) 
Shoes - The skull flats @  Virtual/Insanity   (?) 

Hide 'n' seek

OK, deep breath. . . . .
The mesh shirt in todays piccy is from L'Exception, and is available in 6 different denim washes.
The shorts are meshy goodies from Kennedys, and are cheapsies for this weeks GFW
The hair is from Exile, and is another subscriber gifty.
The tattoo comes in 2 options, with a chest tatt, and without (prim boob friendly) and is also on sale for GFW this week
The earrings are a halloween edition from Bens and are only available at Perfect wardrobe.

**Side note** I wore the boots after Id gotten dressed, and forgot to ADD the alpha layer instead of wearing it, hence my shorts alpha coming off, and me not noticing till Id posted the blog **Noob alert!!**

Hair - Betty Lou - California (GG) @  Exile 
Earrings - April earrings -  HalloweenBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe 
Shirt - Denim lace tied tank - blackL'Exception 
Tattoo - Odd one tattoo - fresh  @ Tenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Bracelets - Dena'ina - Noir Plastik 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Shorts - Jean shorts - GreyKennedy's at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Boots - Stagioni boots - CoalMaitreya

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bye - bye black bird

A quick one before bed lol
New accessories from the Plastik, the first GFW post of the week, and a new GG  from Exile (one of 3!) .... plus a sneaky lil peak of a hunt coming up. . . . . . more on that later *winks* 

Hair - Violetta - Midnight (GG) @ Exile 
Earrings / necklace - October setBens beauty 
Dress (And appliers) - Black lace dress*Sugar & Cyanide* at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Tattoo - Taking flight sleeves @ Flaunt at Jersey Shore 
**Hunt item for Jersey shores FBTH - Starts Nov 1st!!** 
Arm cuff & bracelets - Dena'ina - NoirPlastik 
Tights - Black nylon tights with seamGawk! 
Boots - Aphrodite - Ultra black leather & laceP10 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Ring - Vintage ring - 3 @  Bens beauty

Paint a rainbow

Beautiful zingy colours for this post!
The skirts are from L'exception and come in 10 gorgeous zesty variations, good luck choosing which ones to snaffle!!

Pic on left :
Hair - Katniss Vers 2 - Roots - Dark ash blonde @ CaTwA 
Earrings/ring - Mickey mouse set @ Bens beauty 
Top - Mesh top Geometry - Purple pinkInes Creations 
The tights come with the top \o/ 
Tattoo - Gypsy colour tattoo - Medium Para designs 
Watches - Multi watch - SaturdayThe pink bandaid 
Skirt - Pattern high waist skirt - ZebraL'Exception 
Nails - Mstyle long nails - Fly - Ombre 1Mstyle 

Pic on right : 
Hair - As above 
Earrings/ring - As above
Top - My neon crop top - Yellow @ Sexy things 
Necklace - Into the bloom - Pink @ Virtual/Insanity 
Tattoo - As above
Bangles - Into the bloom - Pink @ Virtual/Insanity 
Nails - Princesses rules nails - Ombre 1 @ Mstyle 
Skirt - Pattern high waist skirt - Stars @  L'Exception 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Parental advisory

Heya everyone! Hope ya'll havin a lovely Sunday, mine has been wicked. I got to spend the morning with one of my BFFs (Hiya Moo!!), although she lives a zillion miles away from me, and God knows how many timezones (Yay for SL!)

Now onto the posty :o)
Im loving loving loving these meshy shorts from Kennedy's, theyre available in 4 shades, and the usual meshy sizes. They go with about everything, but Im loving em with this gorgeous meshy top, which is actually part of an outfit including jeans, and the bangles in the pic.
The cutesipops earrings and rings are a new release from Bens, and are texture change to match all ya outfits \o/

Hair - Scarlet - Streaked - BlondesPloom 
Earrings/rings - Mickey Mouse setBens beauty 
Ciggy - Tweedle cigsVirtual/Insanity 
Arm strap - Cigarettes arm strapDirtyland 
Top - (Part of complete outfit) - Be advisedBTS 
Tattoo - Loyalty - Black - Medium Para designs 
Shorts - Mesh jean shorts - Black Kennedy's
Belt - Asteriod - Red - V1 LouLou 
Boots - Genova - BlackSimilar footwear 
Nails - Long nails - Classic black

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Devil Vs Angel

Isnt it great when unexpected freebs come ya way??
I popped over to AlterEgo to pick up the Fahookin sexy lil number in todays post, and walked away with 3 outfits that i wasnt even expecting \o/ First was the group gift, second was a prize rezzer (gives you a new gift everyday) and third was a dollarbie that was on offer when I landed - result yes? Add to that the lucky chair prizes and the picks prize that can be grabbed too - seriously theres some shit to be gotten there. . . . . how Toxxic doesnt bankrupt herself I dunno lol
The other sexy lil number in the pic today is on offer for *I love fashion* and Omfg how shexxy is it?? It comes with appliers for big boobs, but Ive shown it with no boobs :) Pancakes need love too, right?

Pic on left : 
Hair - Blood - Halloween GG @ Magika
Glasses - Fashion glasses - Red/black{U.R} Fashion at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Necklace - Unlucky chokerVirtual/Insanity 
Tattoo - Japenese tattooZentro at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Bodysuit/tights/skirt/bangles/rings/ - TimebombAlterEgo 
Nails - Long nails - Classic black @ Mstyle 
Shoes - Triumph - BlackN-Core 

Pic on right :
Hair - Faint - Dipped Magika 
Necklace - Enigma - white LouLou 
Tattoo - as above
Bodysuit - Hoho suit - Cheetah blueHollipocket at I love fashion 
Gloves/bangles - Enigma - white @ LouLou 
Nails - Mstyle long nails - Ombre - Surf with me @ Mstyle 
Tights - Fishup nets - WhiteHollipocket 
Shoes - Poison - Bleu ciel N-Core 

Pumpkin pie

GFW is upon us!!
Theres sooo much goodness this week, its hard to know where to begin!
But begin I must. . .. . so lets start with the outfit - the top comes in a pack of 5 full bikinis and a bandeau top - all for only 99L \o/
The glasses come in 5 colours, sold seperately for GFW. The orange are perfect for any Halloween costumes, but the other colours are great for all year round.
The hair is available in both brown and black for GFW, I chose black for the halloween theme :D
The post box is another offering , this time from Seasons, and it comes with the pumpkins and the birdy.
Theres also gestures on offer from Shup Bish, theres 5 in the pack, and are only 90L and an example is :
:: ¤ Ɗoה'ƭ Ϻმк⁅ Ϻɛ Ͼoᄊ⁅ Ӈυɴƭ Ɏoυ ƊoƜɴ ¤ ::
The gorgeous tattoo is also on offer. . .see? I told you there was loads of goodies!...and thats just in one pic!!

Hair - Glow black hairYassine at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Earrings - Sun earrings - OrangeBens beauty 
Glasses - Fashion mesh glasses - Orange/black{U.R} @ Jersey shore (For GFW)
Necklace - Unlucky choker Virtual/Insanity 
Tattoo - Japanese tattooZentro at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Top (Part of a bikini pack)- Angelhair bikini top - Halloween @  Waffle cones at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Belly piercing - Emo piercingDirtyland 
Jeans - Mesh skinny jeans - BlackKennedy's 
Belt - Chunky belt - BlackPepper 
Tummy tatt - Damned - InkDamned 
Gloves - LolitaLouLou 
Bangles - Loli loli bracelets - OrangeDirtyland 
Ring - Sun ring - OrangeBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Classic black Mstyle 
Post box - Halloween mailbox*Seasons* at Jersey shore (For GFW)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday toast

Hello all :o)
Hope you are all having a lovely lazy sunday :o) I have spent mine toaster shopping. . . . Oh the joys of RL right? Hungover from yesterdays festivities (Hubs birthday) toaster shopping was the last thing I wanted to do today. . . . but a girl needs toast in her life.

Anyway not a slice of bread anywhere near todays post, just a gorgeous lil top for lazy sunday, which come with appliers for us big boobed girls, but also look awesome with no prim boobs. They are available in 6 colours. Also  some lip lovelies, new from Eyelure. These look like sexy lil smudges on ya lips, theres 5 in the pack and look totally cute \o/

Hair - Tatum 2 - Delighted 
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - BlackBens beauty 
Lip smudge - Pucker pout gloss - Silver 5Eyelure 
Top (And appliers) -  Hanky top - Zebra mocha @ Hollipocket  (For Lazy sunday) 
Necklace - Dulce MuerteLouLou 
Skirt - Colour skirt - BlackL'Exception 
Gloves/bangles - Dulce MuerteLouLou 
Nails - Long nails - BlackMstyle 
(Spots come with skin, which is a past GG from Al - vulo) 

Full pack lip glosses:
Pucker pouts @  Eyelure 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quick pic

Chillin' out on the dock, and I thought it looked pretty :o)

Hair - Escape 01Magika 
Earrings - Heart earrings ( Part of a set) @ Bens beauty 
Chest tatt - If you never tryNiNight Creations 
Jacket - Pattern denim vest - BrownL'Exception 
Jeans - Cords - GreenShabby cat 
Nails - Perfect long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings Gold - Russet Bens beauty 


OMG to all the Mums who have Teens- we shud sooo join up and make a group. . . . .  MAGS - Mums Against Teenage Strops. . . . . I know It'd be a huge support at times of need. . . . .
Until then we have SL. . . . and so, breathe and CALM. . . . . .

Hair - Calm 01Magika 
Piercing - I Peench - Bronze fullVirtual/Insanity 
Neck tattoo - If you never tryNiNight Creations 
Necklace 1/Earrings & Ring  - Heart set - BronzeBens beauty 
Necklace 2 - Chained cross necklace - Gold  @ [EY:NO] 
Top - Shorty cardigan - Cream Shabby cat 
Bangles - Watch & leaf bracelets - Autumn  @  [EY:NO] 
Skirt - Colour skirt - TanL'Exception 
Belly chain - Body strings butterflies - Gold[EY:NO]
Boots - Radical - Suede ChamoiseMaitreya 
Rings - Melissa Gold - RussetBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn rose

Forever young has the cutest lil woolly tube dresses out.  There are 8 colours to choose from, all gorgeous autumn/winter colours.  They look super cute teamed with jeans, leggings, skirts, or bare legs if your brave :o)

Hair - Remember - 01Magika 
Piercing - I Peench - Full - CopperVirtual/Insanity 
Makeup - Feline - AubergineKyoot 
Necklace - Pure necklace - purpleBens beauty 
Top - Mini sweater dress - MauveForever young 
Jeans - Wild side skinny jeans - PinkForever young 
Shoes - Caprice - PourpreN - Core 
Rings - Melissa rings - Russet - GoldBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 

Boss Bitch

Hello all, and happy humpday to ya'll :D

As you all will know, wednesday means GFW and aside from the gorgeous stuffies in the todays pic, aaaaandd all the goodies I showed yesterday, theres still lots and lots more! Like gestures!! Cherry pop studio has a 3 pack of wicked gestures, like "Imma boss bitch"  and others, for only 90L - bargainnnnn \o/

Hair - Bambi - RyeWasabi pills 
Earrings - Hesperide LouLou 
Piercing - Weakness.Pekka. 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou 
Tattoo - Unfinished spring tattoo - Fresh Tenjin 
Bangles - Mess bangles - Silver [EY:NO] 
Arm cuff - Passion arm bandDirtyland 
Top (Bodysuit) - The X - Factor bodysuit @ {U.R} at Jersey shore    (For GFW)
Skirt & belt - High waist skirt @ J'adore at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Boots - Sassy high heels - Black damaskSakide 
Rings - Emoticon rings (3 pack) @ Shup Bish at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Chained rings - Cross rings (Tex change) @ Bens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - <3 Michael JMstyle 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Boobeh dresses!!! Ok so its been a while since I played with my boobs, and my skin matching isnt quite as perfect as Id like it to be, but meh Ill get there!!

Both of these dresses can be worn without appliers, and still look amazing.
The first dress is available for GFW (remember everythin' for GFW is under 100L) and the second dress comes in 9 zebra-licious colours, and all are available at Swag fest

Hair - Bacardi - Pale goldenLoQ 
Piercing - I Peench - Black Virtual/Insanity 
Necklace - Filigran string necklace - silver[EY:NO] 
Dress 1 - My sweetest sin dress - WhiteBoobieLicious at Jersey shore 
Dress 2 - Staticlicious - Zebra pinkHollipocket at Swag fest 
Gloves / bracelets - Enigma White & Enigma BlackLouLou 
Nails - Long nails V2 - PassionMstyle 
Shoes - Rivea pumps - Queen snakeMstyle 

Green goddess

Woot!! Awesome meshy jeans for our legs!! These lil lovelies are available in 4 colours, but the dark blue ones in the pic are on offer for Jersey shores GFW \o/

I also want to tell ya'll about a wicked anniversary event NiNight Creations are having. Its to celebrate their 2nd year of business, and theres tons (14 to be exact) of items on sale for cheaps (50% off each)!!! Theres also a scrabble hunt too!! Find the scrabble pieces that spell the name of the store to get goodies \o/

Hair - Sam - with roots - Tahiti Truth 
Earrings - Combo earrings set (texture change stones) @ [EY:NO] 
Piercing - I Peench - black Virtual/Insanity 
Eye makeup - Basic makeup - Green/blackEmporium 
Tattoo - Forever in your hand - FreshTenjin 
Top - Mesh tube top (8) NiNight Creations 
Jeans - Skinny jeans - dark blue @ Kennedy's at Jersey shore  (For GFW)
Bangles - Bishes bangles - lemon Bishes Inc 
Rings - Melissa rings - Green - GoldBens beauty 
Nails - Long nails - Banana drink @ Mstyle 
Shoes - Femme - PrintempsN - Core 

Penny for 'em?

Well Im sooo sorry about the lack of posts lately peeps, but Ive been quite ill and didnt want to pass it on to ya'll lol
But Im back (I hope) and have lots of gorgeous goodies to show :o)

First up are gorgeous mesh skirts, in cutely girly aztec prints, and are available for this weeks GFW (colours are sold seperately)
Alongside them, I want to show the beauts eyeshadows, all in bright colours, that you can slap on to transform ya skins easily. These eye makeups are in 11 shades, including pink purple, blue green etc - something to match every outfit :o)

Hair - Penny - Dipped 1Ploom (New) 
Face piercing - Lacie  @ PoM 
Top - Copasetic crochet halter - whiteShabby cat 
Arm cuffs - Bracelets - FallLouLou 
Skirt - Winona long skirt - Cabaret @ LMD at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Nails - Long nails - V2 - PassionMstyle 
Rings - Melissa rings - Silver - pinkBens beauty 

Skirts - 
From left to right :
Blue skies 
Red dawn
All at  @ LMD at Jersey shore  for GFW

Eye colours - Basic makeup - eyeshadows
Eye lashes - Lush lashesEye candi 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Come play

::..Omg genius creation alert!!..::

Emporium have released these (beyond cute) romper/playsuits. There are 5 themed suits to choose from - Superhero, Cartoon, Rock, Cute and Print. Each themed suit comes with a hud that allows you to choose from another 6 prints for the ragged edged T shirts, and 4 colours for the denim rompers - endless combos!! Seriously these are amazeballs!!

Hair - Bring it on! - Frosted (This colour is a past GG) @ Exile 
Face piercing - LaciePoM 
Earrings - Artistic hoop earrings (4)  @ Bens beauty at Swag fest 
Tees/playsuits - Overalls :: 
Left - Cartoon 
Middle - Print 
Right - Superhero 
All @ Emporium (New) 
Nails - Long nails - Ombre pack 2 @ Mstyle (New location)   (New) 
Rings - Square ringsBens beauty 
Knee plasters - I gotsa boobooDelusions 
Boots - Truimph boots Worn - V2  @ [GoS] 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Feather kisses

Gorgeous newness, again from L'exception, and this time in the form of sexy lil strapless dresses, in 4 colours  - all with a wicked lil resizable mesh belt ( resizable with the hud) that can be worn with other 'fits \o/
Whats even better, is that the black one is available as part of the Jersey shores GFW. . . . sooooo yesh that means its under 100L, for the dress, annnd the belt - result yes?

Hair (and optional hair feathers) - Silent wings - Vanilla  @ Exile 
Earrings - Chic feather earringsBellballs 
Chest tattoo - Believe in yourself NiNight creations 
Necklace - Trendy tribal necklace - jungle leopard Bellballs 
Dresses & belts - Tia dresses @ L'exception mainstore 
Black dress for GFW @ L'exception at Jersey shore   
Bracelets - Watch & leaf bracelets - Autumn [EY:NO]
Rings - Dragonfly rings[EY:NO]
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Boots - Radical - Caramel leather Maitreya 

F*** Yeah!

F**k yeah Indeed! New releases + a sales event  = a very happy Brookie.
The new release is wicked baggy sweats from Stained, and I gotta say - these are on fire - the shadowing, texture and attention to detail is outstanding, and theyre available in 4 colours- yay!
The sales event is. . . obvs . . .cmon now as if ya dont know. . .its wednesday tomorrow so that can only mean one thing - GFW!! My fave event of the week!!

Hair - Kannibal - Light Blonde 02 Raw House 
Piercing - I Peench - BlackVirtual/Insanity 
Nose chain - RamaLouLou 
Earrings - Year of the dragon - PinkRekless ambition 
Top - F.yeah boatneck sweater @ [M]otivAction at Jersey shore  (For GFW - 3rd Oct) 
Necklace - Nora - Purple - V1LouLou 
Belly tatt - Youre lookin' good . . . . Hollipocket 
Pants - Female baggy sweats - Hot pinkStained Clothing 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Rings - Year of the dragon - PinkRekless ambition 
Trainers - ToxxiKicks - HellokittyAlterEgo 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hard candy

OOoooo as soon I was given this dress to blog, I wanted to put a twist on it. . . . .of course it can be worn  all girly, with heels, and prettyness to a cocktail party or summink, or to go dancing with the man in ya life, but meh to all that, Im dont wanna  do any of that in my SL so I chose to do somethin different. . . .and it f**kin rocks!!

Hair - Iekelene - Blonde99 Elephants 
Hairbase - Shaved tattoo - Brown/blonde 99 Elephants 
Face piercing - I Peench - BlackVirtual/Insanity 
Earrings - HesperideLouLou 
Ciggy - Lucky stroke - Smoked - Tahiti Virtual/Insanity 
Dress - Sprinkled cocktail dress Spicy cupcake 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou 
Tattoo - Swirling curls tattoo Noya on SL Marketplace  
The tattoo was a gift, when you purchase from Noya you receive gifts!!  
Gloves - Lolita -  BlackLouLou 
Rings - Swag girl - BlackBens beauty at Swag fest 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Boots - Triumph boots - Worn [GoS] 

Stars 'n' spots

Omg, I love the appliers that come with this dress - because they cover the whole chest area, you can slap on ya Lolas, and not worry about any skin matching. . . . . but big boobs ahoy!!  Of course you can wear the dress without any prim boobs. . . .  I like em cos Im of the big boobed variety in RL. . . Although Id jus LOVE to be able to take mine off as I can in SL !!

Hair - Locked - Blonde 6Elikatira 
Face piercing - I Peench - Full - Black @ Virtual/Insanity 
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - BlackBens beauty 
Dress & appliers - Retro prom dress - Black & green @ [J'adore] at Jersey shore (For GFW - 3rd Oct) 
Tattoo - Stars heaven body tattooNoya on SL Marketplace  
The tattoo was a gift, when you purchase from Noya you receive gifts. 
Gloves - Lolita - BlackLouLou 
Boots - Sassy high heels - Damask blackSakide 

Hands off the goodies!

Ha I think this dress is wicked! Its versatile, its sexy, and its cheeky - wots not to love? I chose to go a bit edgy with the styling, as, meh, Im feeling edgy!! Shaved hair, dark leg tattoo, lots of steel, and a glint in mah eye. . .
The dress is available in black or white - in a choice of slogans, and the wicked gloves are mesh (!) come in a ton of colours, and are coming up for sale in this weeks GFW, with mesh stockings too \o/

Hair - Aida - Rye Wasabi pills 
Hairbase - Shaved tattoo - Shadow - Brown/blonde99 Elephants 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver[EY:NO] 
Earrings - Many cross earrings ( texture change) @ Bens beauty 
Dress - Tank dress- Dirty handsL'exception at Swag fest 
Necklaces - Babette combo - All - Silver/Jet Maxi Gossomer 
Armwarmers - Fingerless armwarmer - white @ ::Ru-End:: at Jersey shore  (For GFW- 3rd oct) 
Rings - Swag girl rings - Black Bens beauty at Swag fest 
Nails - Long nails - Classic blackMstyle 
Leg tatt - Skulls & BonesFlaunt 
Boots - Sassy high heels - Damask blackSakide 

Urban swag

Happy monday peeps! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was absolutely fantastic, I had sooo much fun celebrating my Sons birthday, it was truly lovely :o)

Back in SL, remember on friday I said I had lots of goody goodies to show? Well this is the first batch, brilliant mesh hoody dresses from L'exception. Ive decided to show all of the designs available at the Swag fest, mainly cos I love em all and couldnt decide which to show! The Swag fest opens today and you can read the blog  here

Hair  (Includes hairbase) - GinLoQ 
Earrings - Sugar skull earringsBens beauty at Stuff in stock 
Dresses - Hooded dressesL'Exception at Swag fest 
Trainers - Eat me kicksStained clothing 
Nails - Long nails - ElegantMstyle 
Rings - Swag girl ringsBens beauty at Swag fest