Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Black & blue all over & Pretty in pink!!

Ugghh some days are so draining. Today has been one of those days....not going into it now, but lets just say my mute button got a bit of action!
Best to get lost in some shopping, so thats what I did, no change there though right? Firstly i grabbed a gorgeous fatpack of corsets from a new shop to me-Bad Romance. They were offering the fatpack of 6 corsets for 69L \o/ While i was there i had a good nose round, im so going back there for some sexy goodies, theres lots of lovelies to be had.

Corset- [Ba.d Romanc.e] -
Jeans - Linc -
Boots - Maitreya -
Hair - Exile -


Off to one of my latest favourite stores, for something girly yet edgy, where better than Alterego? I love this store, i seriously cant get enough. daily picks prizes, weekly group gifts, but most of all fanstaic clobber for our pixels. I chose the playmaker outfit in girly pink, but it comes in lots of colours, and to finish off i used a gorgeous colourful sleeve tattoo from (where else) Para Designs and my fave glasses the reader glasses from Acid & Mala. Lovin this look :o)

Outfit - Alterego-
Glasses - A&M -
Hair - Ploom -
Earrings - Virtual Insanity -
Tattoo - Para designs -
Shoes (discontinued-sorry but i love em!)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

OMFG Too busy for shopping???

Yes!! Its possible, i was too busy for shopping!! Today my team played in a cup final  ..and after a struggle, we won \o/ Woot OMFG happy days!! Yeah i wont go into details cos its RL...and  bleugh RL is RL, but lets just say i got sore hands and a sore throat now! I do have to say tho, for anyone English , its hard to find SL stuff for our teams so pop over to Violation Inc and grab yaself a ya footy top. This store has most of the English premier teams shirts, and i was totally amazed when i discovered i could wear my colours in SL as well as RL. Oh yeah it sells all other countries stuffies too lol

Liverpool top -
Knickers -
Shoes -

Only one more pic, thats the "todays outfit.....wot i was wearin BL...Before Life. Ummmm ..I literally threw this one together and LOVED the results, 
Gorgeous stuffies to jus go out an buy!!!
Top  - Line _
Skirt - Evale -
Shoes- Sim-i-lar _
Hair - Abyss -
Nails - Virtual Insanity -

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturdays are always busy, with all the events going on in SL, there was SBS, Project Theomery, La Venta Eventa, & SUYs \o/ Lots to see lots to buy..
First purchase of the day was a gorgeous dress pack, from TSG. This is a new store for me, but on my first visit i bought 3 items so its looking promising!! The dresses are called Illusions, they kinda remind me of the Stella McCartney dresses in RL with the fab panelling down the sides. Pack comes with a pink dress as well as the beige im wearing in the pic.

Dress - TSG -
Gloves & bangles - LouLou -
Hair - SLink -
Boots - Sakide -

Aside from the event shopping, i bought a few bits along the way, always seeing goodies when my Linden is running dry, but when ya gotta shop-ya gotta shop, right?
Im lovin mesh right now,  and mesh tops look sooooo good. If you havent embraced mesh yet, it really is worth giving it a go. Yes you need an updated viewer, and yes you may have to mod ya shape if you dont fit into the standard shapes most creators use, but its so worth it when you see how they look and move with your avi. The only drawbacks to mesh ive personally found is 1) if using phoenix you cant add layers of alphas (say for a  mesh top & a pair of shoes) tho you can if you use firestorm so thats partly my fault for not updating, and 2) sometimes when you tp, its as if the mesh doesnt come with you, so ive been stood bald-in public...not a great look, and even worse my friend who had a mesh dress on, was stood stark naked in a packed and laggy club :o/
I also bought a gorgeous eyeliner pack from Acid & Mala, that has like 5 different effects in each pack (2 packs available for SBS)
Mesh tank - Apple May -
Denim shorts - Paper.doll -
Hair - Catwa -
Eye makeup -

Im loving Imbue atm too, and i went along and grabbed a tank i know ill wear a hundred times over, ive teamed it with one of my fave minis, the zipped from Sakide, and a pair of my fave shoes, the Genova,  simple but sexy yes?
T shirt - Imbue -
Skirt - Sakide -
Shoes - Genova -
Hair - Catwa -

Oh BTW im aware that the text went funny after the first paragraph, grrr dunno how to make it normal tho soooo we're still on Noob alert k? K!

Friday, 24 February 2012

All dressed up & nowhere to go..

I normally host on a friday so take this as an excuse to get all tarted up but his week  Ive been given the night off, as my Miss Wetherbooby (Who I host for) is out doin RL....yeah that thing that gets in the way of our SLs every now and again
Ive been pretty busy this week and dressed down for much of it, and  Ive missed gettin all glammed up so I made the blog my excuse to make a lil bit of effort \o/
Im lovin the outfit i have on today.Its from the fabulous Alterego, OMG this place  is amazeballs, Ive only recently discovered this shop that shares a sim with other totally wicked stores, but its taken soooo many of my Lindens and yet given me sooo much in return!!
Todays outfit is called Feed your addiction (..yeah to shopping).  I think its ultra sexy, but not too much skin flashing happening with the wicked little nylons under the playsuit...ya can forgo the nylons if ya feelin a lil bit more.....erm how shall we say.......playful? *Winks*
Gloves, bangles, earrings, and lip piercings are all from LouLou, oooooh i dont think ive mentioned LouLou yet, but OMG do i love this place! If you like cool edgy jewellry and piercings, you really must investigate...and take LOTS of Lindens with you, be prepared to spend em all!!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lazy sunday for a Lazy Mooooooo

Today was the most random, brilliant day!! I found the best pajamas in SL!! And theyre cows!!  And if cows arent ya thing, you can get them in almost every animal ya want!!! Aside from the cow, i got the giraffe and the white cat, i can promise ill spend every sunday in SL in my jammies!! Lazy sunday was done in em, and me and my BFF went cows!! \o/

I loved these so much, i searched for something similar in RL, and managed to find a cow print onesie for adults, now i can be a moo in RL too-result!
Not much else to say really, Im dressed as a cow..

♡ βrooƙιє ♡

The day after the night before...

Soo saturday came, and with it comes shopping right? Well i was feeling a lil bit rough-to say the least so I took it easy on myself and did SBS, Project Themeory and La Venta Eventa while drinking copious amounts of coffee :o/
I felt as rough as cold s**t but at least my avi looked cute \o/

T-shirt & Skirt-AlterEgo-
Boots (mesh)-Maitreya-
Tattoo-Para designs-
Hair (mesh)-Exile-
Pose prop-iBang-

♡ βrooƙιє ♡

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Friday was my RL birthday, ugh another year passed another year older, and another year wiser maybe? Maybe not, but i did have a truely wonderful  day, thanks to some brilliant friends I consider myself to blessed to have in my life.....
I logged into SL and immediately got a TP off my BFF to her home, when i finally rezzed (uggh WTF is with SL lately?) I found she had made me a beautiful birthday surprise, cards, cake, balloons, and presents \o/ I was so touched that she took the time, and the effort, and that she did it all for me!. Aside from all this,  my Pea had gotten personalised gestures for both of us, made by Lestat Gestures, and shed made the most gorgeous picture frame with a pic of  us and the words My sister-my best friend. I love her i really do *sniff*
In the night I had a hosting  set with the lovely Dj Cheeky @ Bar None Club and shed told me I could pick songs for her to play during her set \o/ I picked my favourite tunes, and slipped some trance in there too-wooohooooo thanks Miss Boobylady!! Id spent the day in RL with my family  and having a "couple" little drinkies, so by the time 10pm came (RL time), and it was time for my set, i can honestly say i was feeling a bit squiffy...add to that, vodka shots during my set, and another Brookie slip up...."Welcome Vice to bar Nonce-nice to see ya" Cringe cringe, had i really typed bar nonce? And his name was Vince...with an "n" Brook...
Anyway it was a brillaint party, Id had so much fun, and been spoiled by everyone, thanks all for makin my RL birthday so special in SL
Heres my party likes, a lot.....just dont ask what Im doing with that walking stick..

Corset Dress- Goth1c0- Back to black event-
Bar None (thats bar none-not bar nonce right?)-
Lestat gestures- Contact Lestat1766 Resident, inworld.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Give peas a chance!

I was browsing pose stores yesterday when i came across this pose prop-and i STG i nearly died, i seriously couldnt wait to have it in my inv, it was mine at once, it was soooo very cheap as part of the stumblebum brigade, but even if it was 10 times the price id have got it-so perfect that it is.
You see, me and my SL BFF are actually peas!! Yes!! I know! Weird-but sooooo true.  Were so stupidly similar and have the same mental issues, that we can only be peas from the same pod. So Mrs Poddington features in todays blog.....heres to you Pea my lil mushy friend

When i showed my Pea (AKA Diamond) our pod she nearly wet herself-such was here excitement, lots of "OMG OMG OMG OMG" and "Im living here forever"s!! Sow we had to immediately get changed into pea colours and customise a photo box for this momentous occasion in our lives!!
We already had the same hair in our invs, the same shoes too (see our pea-ness coming thru huh?) all we needed was a gorgeous pea green colour to wear. (We had actually searched Marketplace for pea costumes, but strangely couldnt find any-weird huh?) So off to Sticky fingers we went! This store has some seriously sexy outfits in such lush colours, bright and zesty. So we chose our outfits and went back to the pod for the pic.
After the pics were taken, and we congratulated each other on our pea-like qualities,
""[16:47] Pℯαηuт Buттℯя Oяℯo (diamond.goldblatt): we are THE awsomeness of the greenarage that is peapodage""
we didnt wanna get out of our pea clothes so we had a lil boogie round the pea box, beacause..
""[16:49]  Pℯαηuт Buттℯя Oяℯo (diamond.goldblatt): lmao its like we on day release from the pod""

Pea pod pose prop- iBang-
Hair- Truth-
Cami & knickers- Sticky Fingers-
Shoes- N-Core-
Pea-like qualities-all our own \o/*\o/

So cmon peeps-give peas a chance!!
♡ βrooƙιє ♡

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You can leave your hat on...

Its been a bit of a quiet day in SL today, so plenty of time for me to shop! But instead of shopping for clothes/shoes etc, i went shopping for poses! I do already have a lot of poses/pose props already in my inv, but seeing as im going to be actually using them now (gasps in shock-using them you say Brookie?) i thought it maybe a good idea to find some more (any excuse to shop huh?) so off i popped. I have to say i was a little bit of a lucky bunny today, cos i manged to get lots of stuffies, without actually...yaknow...paying!!! \o/ Always a result right? The pics ive taken of todays outfit were taken using the hat and poses from BehaviourBody, and what as store this is, lots of lovely freebies, and tons of brillaint poses/AOs etc, gooo gooo gooo-its brill!

So, to the outfit, i love this one. The waistcoat is from Whippet & Buck, and it comes in lots of different colours, but i always fall back on black. The prim part is mod so can easily be stretched to suit your shape, and is copy too, just in case ya fuck things up! (Erm make a copy before ya fuck things up tho k? K!) The little white top, is an old classic from Twisted & Spoiled, gawd this store has been around for moons and is still going strong, if you havent been yet-be sure to go, lots of lovelies there :o) The shorts- OMG i love these shorts-are from another of my favourite haunts Paper.doll they come in a few options, im wearing the pocket version, but theres a no pockets version, a braces version, and one with braces & pockets-delish!! My gorge little ankle boots are from Sakide-back from when it was Sassy Kitty, but theyre still available now. The tattoo is from Para designs, as most of my tattoos are. Its a gorgeous full body tattoo called Cherry Blossom, and comes in all clothing layers and a tattoo layer-theyres also different shades to choose from-light medium & dark. The rings are from Virtual Insanity as most of my rings and nails are, ive never found another store that beats V/I for their rings/nails and jewellery.  The hairs from Ploom once again. Its called Natie, and comes in a streaked and no streaked option. The streaks are controlled by a super easy to use HUD as all of Plooms streaked hair is.

BehaviourBody -
Whippet & Buck -
Twisted & Spoiled -
Paper.doll -
Sakide -
Para Designs -
Virtual Insanity -
Ploom -

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines day!!

Happy Valentines indeed! So just a short entry today as im going to be in RL with my true Valentine <3 So SL is totally smothered with Valentines gooey-ness and lots of pink/red sales going on. TBH i havent taken much interests in these sales as i still have loads of pinks/reds etc from last valentines day!! But last night-well this morning actually at around 1am, i went to a mini valenetines hunt on the Doomsday sim, and got a few really nice goodies. The dress in the pick is a freeb from there, its an Acid & Mala Creation, and i love it for a little dress down chic-ive been wearing it with some gorgeous little flats from Virtual Insanity.
Todays hair is a fabulous meshy creation from Magika, and a few days after i bought it there was an update made available-different colour headbands, and an important message to read-i wont go into it here, but leave the links just in case anyones interested, but to all us SL-ers it IS interesting reading ::

ACTA, SOPA, or PIPA would break the internet completely!
If you don't know about these acts please view the following links:
Video that explains ACTA:
Funny GIF explaining SOPA/PIPA:
More information about ACTA:

Ok so outfit of the day::
Dress- A&M @ Doomsday (hunt item)-
Shoes (not seen but go!!) - Virtual Insanity-

And another little piccy just cos i took it, and i like it!!

Take care!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Manic Mondays!!

Today has been proper manic! When  i first logged into SL, after having a long lie in (ahh the joy of kids being on half term!) the first thing i noticed was i had a new neighbour on the sim :o/  I have a quarter of a beautiful beach sim, the other 2 quarters were taken when i moved in and one of them is my friend, but the one on the other direct side of me, was emprty, and i had gotten used to seeing the vast space of sandy beach-and of course not being overlooked from that side. So the first thing i did was rez a sim divider screen. I dont know about you, but i need to feel like my space is a private place, my friends are always welcome....but i dont want to be cammed by a stranger when im least expecting it. This has happened to me before-id logged out one night after hosting at a club, and i always have my crosshairs on when im hosting (just to be nosey-whos camming who etc!) and id forgotten to turn it off when i logged out, so i logged in this particular morning, crosshairs still active and after about 5 mins, i saw crosshairs on me, they were following me as i walked from room to room!! Yes it was shared sim, and yes we cant expect total privacy in those situations, but i dont expect to be cammed when im in my home. So just for my own piece of mind, up the privacy screen went.
While i was editing the screen into place i was thinking to myself well at least i dont have noobs landing every minute! The next thing i know, theres a random visitor to my place, jus standing there, i left her, and she was till there after 10 mins, sooo off goes the public access and on goes the group access only-ah well, the joys of  SL but i wouldnt let it distract from my main reason for logging into SL-shopping!!
Was in a bit of a dressy down mood today, but i always need to flash the flesh, so a ultra cropped top-or booby top as i call em-was the perfect start. These just show the bottom of ya boob, just that sexy hint of flesh...we dont have the wind in SL that would stop us wearing these in RL!! My top is from Suicidal unborn, and has a cute little hello kitty....uhmmmm.... hanging itself  with the words goodbye kitty-darkly hilare!! I just cant show my RL kittys! The perfect pants to go, are my Alter-ego baggy shorts. These came in a pack with a little cropped top, some black trainers, tattoo makeup etc-a bargain at 150L. To complement the colours i chose some high knickers in grape which i got ages ago from a store no longer around :o( The trainers are from Alter-ego too and are the perfect zesty colours-Ill definately be wearing this outfit again....If i find it in the depths of my inventory!!
The fabulous hair is from Ploom, the tattoo is from my fave tattoo store-Para designs, and the nails are from Virtual Insanity, this is another shop i have filled my inventory from, the nails, piercings, jewellery etc is just gogreous and so well made.
So there we go, pretty in pink on a manic monday. Now im off to party \o/
Suicidal Unborn:
Alter ego:
Para Designs:
Virtual Insanity:

♡ βrooƙιє ♡

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lazy sundays

Today is definately a lazy sunday, both in SL and  RL! Apart from having a shower and doing a huge roast dinner for the RL family, Im gonna be glued to my laptop today. In SL Ive already done the lazy sunday shopping, I didnt buy much this week, as SL is just  smothered with Valentines day stuffies (being married in RL, I dont have, nor desire to have a partner in SL) just a nice pink Valentines set from Plastik,  which came with a ton of extra goodies in the box. So good were all the exras i went back to Plastik and got the other 2 sets! Seriously if you havent yet been, you really- really must, all of the stuff Ive had from there (and Ive always-always shopped at Plastik) Ive loved and worn a million times over. They give out tons of goodies, and  participate in hunts and events. Whats best though, is they dont just give out mediocre stuff either, its always- always top class. The skins and eyes are as beautiful as the clothes.
The other item I bought today was hair from Truth-one of my favourite hair stores. Its the new release and is called Vicky, I like this one because its off the face, and those are the styles i prefer to wear in SL though TBH im a total hair whore and I really wouldnt want to count how many different hairstyles i have
Im going to try taking some good, or even half decent piccies for the blog, but as im sooo inexperienced in this field i dont hold much hope :o/ Its all practise though, and i hate not being able to do things that other people do as a matter of we shall see how i get on
Anyway todays pic is the hair from Truth and a lovely warm and cosy jumper i bought from COCO last night, when its so cold in RL sometimes it reflects in SL

Plastik -
Truth -
Coco -

♡ βrooƙιє ♡

Here goes nothin!!

Well, Ive decided to make a blog, I dont expect anyone to read it, but I think itll sorta be like a SL diary or journal. Im probably going to be chatting to myself, but as i do that in RL i see no harm in doing it on paper so to speak.
What to expect?? Well, lots of SL fashion, events ive been going to, parties etc, and also any SL news i think will be of any interest. Ill be posting a pic of the outfit of the day, where i got it, and the slurls for easy locations. Ill be noting things that have made me laugh and pics of random things, funnies etc
There'll be lots of typos no doubt and abbreviations and slang, but I type as I speak soo as I really really dont expect any readers this wont be a prob!
This is my first bloggy (I helped a friend with hers but that doesnt count right?) so Im still sorta learning, and Im not a great photographer but ill do my best and see how we go, hopefulyl Ill get better over the coming weeks.

Oh so, this is me..!

And a little about the outfit, umm the top, is a dress from the brilliant Plastik, its the strips dress and comes in a bazillion different colours, but ya cant go wrong with black can you? The top also comes with a prim piece which i love cos it makes the top  look so much better than jus the texture between ya boobies!!
The jeans are the low unbuttoned from Sakide, this is another store i adore i have so much stuff in my invent from here...i really need to get round to cleaning my inv out :o/
The hair is from Ploom, Lordy im a total hair monster and Ploom is one of the best for that edgy look, its called Abelle and has tons of streak options via a hud, or of course you can go streakless.
Shoes which you can just see, were a gift from N-Core, OMG N-core is- IMO- the best shoe place on the grid, with fantastic styles and the totally genius skin matching notecard which has the codes for the most famous skins in SL-jus pop on the hud input the code and wahey-sexy feet alert!!
As this is my first entry can we please ignore the fact that i have nails on only one hand? <<<<<NOOB ALERT>>>>><<<<<WE HAVE A NOOB ON THE BLOG>>>>>
Anyhoooo, so yeah, Slurls:::
So thats it-first entry done! Wasnt too bad-just had to go over it about 7 times and correct my typos and spellings but bleuh thats me
♡ βrooƙιє ♡