Thursday, 30 August 2012

60 Mesh Atelier preview!!!!

For those of us who love mesh (is there anyone out there that doesnt?) theres a wicked new event beginning, especially for meshy goodness!! Its called 60 Mesh Atelier and it begins on september 1st. All items on sale will be mesh. . . . . .and 60L each!!! Bargainssss!!
I was lucky enough to be invited to cover this event, and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!! Expect lots of meshy goodness in the next few posts peeps \o/

The makeup is one of a pack of 5, all for 50L for Eyelures grabit - another bargain -right?

Annnd the boots are old faithfuls from Bax, OMG I still love these timeless classics.

Hair - Makenzie - light blondesTruth 
Makeup - Fall for meEyelure
Chest tattoo - Fresh and foolishTenjin 
Top - Animal zebra blouseZum-Zum at 60 Mesh Atelier (Opens 1st sept) 
Skirt - Sequins high waisted skirt - blackL'exception 
Rings - Melissa rings - silver - greyBens beauty 
Boots - Prestige - black leatherBax


Quick post today, as blogger is giving me a total nightmare - I cant upload pics from my puter, so have to use another, but all my stuffs on this one, so Im toing and froing and getting rather p***sed off in the process! It doesnt matter if I use I.E or Google Chrome, it just hates me right now Ffs  >:o/
Anyhoo onto the post.
These gorgeous mesh pants are perfect for lazing around, theyre available in 10 colours and all the usual sizes.
The tops are ultra sexy lil numbers from Kennedys, they are semi sheer and ultra low - to totally show those nips. . . . . . . only for the brave!

Hair - Tatum 2 - Happy
Tops - Tina topsKennedy's
Chest tattoo - Fresh and foolish @  Tenjin
Bangles - Mess bangles - silver[EY:NO]
Pants - Rolled waist sweatsL'exception
Back tattoo - Live the life you love tattooTenjin 
Nails - Blinged nails - frenchForever young 
Rings - Melissa rings - silver - roseBens beauty 

ƒєєŁίиց ρєα¢нч

How cute is this lil outfit? Its hawt too! The pants can be worn without the prims as skinny jeans tucked into boots, but Im likin the baggies :o)
The hair is an old one Ive had sittin in my inv that Id forgotten about, its from Raw house, who are great for the more edgier hairstyles.

Hair - Legend - light blondes @ Raw house
Choker - Unlucky @ Virtual/Insanity
Top/bra/baggies - Sanity @ BTS 
Belly peircing - Emo pericing @ Dirtyland
Tummy tattoo - Petite coquine tattooTenjin
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - black @ Hollipocket
Nails - Blinged- blackForever young
Ciggy & pack in hand - Ultimate cigarette @ Hermony
Armstrap - Not this way armband @ Dirtyland

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

чєş şίя!!

Sooo I know its not cool to smoke -- I gave up in RL around 7 years ago -- but Im allowed in SL ok?
OK so a couple more of this weeks GFW offerings - available from tomorrow -enjoy! :D

Hair - Tilly streaked - Seaspray Truth 
Earrings - Skull earringsBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe
Ciggy & pack in hand - Ultimate cigaretteHermony 
Choker - HesperideLouLou 
Tattoo - Butterfly beats sleeves @ Flaunt at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Arm strap - Cigarette arm strapDirtyland 
Dress - Leopard mesh dress @ BeReckless at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Gloves - Studs gloves - blackSakide 
Nails - Blinged nails - blackForever young 
Socks - (Taken from the Lose yourself outfit)AlterEgo 
Boots - Triumph boots[Gos] 

тђίš σиєş ƒσя რσσ!!

Theres many things I love about SL, its such a vast and diverse, social and sometimes mental "place" to hang.
Ive met some really weird weirdy weirdos, Ive met some really nasty people (thankfully not that many of those lol), and Ive also been fortunate enough to meet some truley lovely, truely honest, truely special people who  I have come to call real friends, and who Ive come to love. No matter what comes or goes in SL or RL these people mean the world to me, I think about them daily. Even when RL gets in the way, and we cant talk as much as we'd like - specially if theres a huge ocean between us, I know we'll be friends forever.
One of these truely one-in-a-million people popped back into SL today, shes my oldest and dearest friend and shes my Moo, when I saw her I wanted to cry - big fat happy tears.
Stephiemoo, I fkn love you baby - jus sayin :o)

Ok so sloppy speech over heres the outfit of the day, featuring some of this weeks GFW goodies  :o)

Hair - Ingrid - blondesMina hair @ My attic at The Deck
Earrings - Skull earrings - silver  @ Bens beauty at Perfect wardrobe 
Glasses in mouth - Reader glasses Acid & Mala 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou
Corset - Brocade mesh corset @ Kaithleens at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Gloves - Fishup net gloves - blackHollipocket 
Nails - Blinged nails - blackForever young 
Ring (right hand) - Love is burning - red/silverBens beauty 
Ring (left hand) - Spiral ringBens beauty 
Tummy tattoo - Petite coquine tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Jeans  - Low unbuttoned black jeans - skinnySakide 
Shoes - Ultra platform - noir intenseN - Core 

   (¯` v ´¯)
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
  (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•..¸ღ
   I ℒℴѵℯs  რɣ  რσσσσσσƁⱥβɣ!

Monday, 27 August 2012

şσ ¢ђєєƙч

Lovin this top from cheeky, it comes with a colour change hud for the bra which means it can be adapted to soo many styles.
Of course you cant beat the simple denim mini, and this one is going to be on sale for this weeks GFW - yeps a super early heads up, I know we all love a bargain - right? Plus it comes with a sexy lil blue bustier.
The cross jewellery set is also a mega bargain, from Kennedy's at the cart sale.  10L for the bracelet, lip peircing  and necklace, and because they're copy/mod ok, I wore 2 sets \o/
The gorgeous lil cupcake necklace is another bargain, from Bens beauty at  Stuff in stock, and comes with matching earrings - soooo cute! :D Ive added the pic of the earrings on the mini pic below
The hair I adore, I do love rooted hair, and designers tend not to make so much of it anymore, which is a shame as it can give more girlier styles an edge - cmon designers - more roots please!!

Hair - AndarialMagika 
Lip piercing/cross necklaces/bracelets - Cross set @ Kennedy's at the Cart sale  
Cupcake earrings & necklace - Cupcake set @ Bens beauty at Stuff in stock 
Top & bra - One side summer top - simple black Cheeky 
Tattoo - Loyalty - colour - mediumPara designs 
Denim skirt ( comes with top) - Baby blues  @  Sugar & cyanide at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Nails & rings - LucidoOnyx wear
Knee tattoo - I gotsa booboo Delusions 
Boots - Radical - black leatherMaitreya

Sunday, 26 August 2012

ίтş α ¢ίи¢ђ

Ive been eyeing these mesh pants up all week, and finally succumbed to temptation today lol. They come in (I think) 5 colours, and come with the knickers underneath, but you can swap those for others if ya want.
The waist cincher is actually a friends find, after she spent the best part of the day searching for a particular top and jeans combo, and during her search she showed me this, and Im so glad she did, I love it - thanks Vic!!
The hair is Magikas newest creation \o/

Hair - Awkward Magika 
Earrings/necklace - Cupcake setBens beauty at Stuff in stock 
White Top - Frillfrill:::Line::: 
Waist cincher - Pinstripe waist cinch @ Burnt orange on Marketplace 
Pants - Very low wide pantsInto dust 
Ass tattoo - Rawr[EY:NO] 
Shoes - Spring flats - inkDuh! 

Łємσи& Łίмє şσяβєт

New event alert!!
This one is called the cart sale at the wash and theres tons and tons of designers put out items for super cheapies  \o/
The cardis, tops, and tatts here are exclusive to the cart sale  so be sure to snap em up while ya can peeps!!

Hair - Pam - blondefunLelutka 
Earrings - Many cross earrings (texture change) @ Bens beauty 
Bangles - Bishes bangles - lemonBishes Inc 
Nails - (taken from a hand set) - Ice cream setUtopiaH 
Ring - Love is burning ring - green/goldBens beauty
Lemon/lime top - Lemon/lime cutesy tubeLiquid honey at The cart sale
Necklace - Peacock necklaceBens beauty
Shorts - Rolled denim shortsPaper.doll 
Blue cardi - Blue cardiganLiquid honey at The Cart Sale
Bikini top - Teeny kini - fluffeh bluesHollipocket 
Belly chain - Body strings- butterflies - gold[EY:NO] 
Tattoo - Freely tattoo - blueLiquid honey at The Cart Sale
Jeans - Tyra jeans - skinny - bleach blue  @ 
Shoes - Classic pumps - baby blue Fanatik 

Cardi colours:

Tube colours:

υяβαη ∂αмαɡє

After a hectic few days in RL, its nice to be able to spend my sunday on the computer \o/
So im hoping to able to bring you a few new goodies today and first up is a new tank top from Stained clothing. Its available in 4 designs and all the usual sizes. Ive chosen to put shorts on under mine as its a bit bum skimming (when I walk), but for those brave enough it can also be worn as a mini dress - woot woot - seXXXy!!!

Hair - YNO421 - blonde BooN
Hairbase - Raised gathered - blondeBooN
Nose chain - Rama - blackLouLou
Earrings - Many crosses (texture change) Bens beauty 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou
Tank - Urban heart long tankStained clothing 
Tattoo - Retro - colour - mediumPara designs 
Arm bracelet - MyrtilLouLou
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - pinkBens beauty 
Nails - Half flickOnyx wear 
Ring - Burning love - pink/silverBens beauty
Boots - Sassy high heels Sakide

Full set - tanks: 
Left - Urban cityscape 
Middle - Urban stars 
Right - Urban cut 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

мίиί мє

Every girl needs a denim mini in her virtual (and RL!)  wardrobe, and these ones from L'exception are gorgeous, theyre available in 5 different washes, and I bet you'll be wearing em again and again. I know i will!

Pic on left :
Hair - Kiki - Light blondes Raw house 
Top - Groupie tee -The ClashL'exception 
Badge - Name tagDirtyland 
Gloves/bangles - Enigma - blackLouLou 
Belly piercing - Emo piercing @  Dirtyland 
Tummy tattoo - Peace tattooLiquid honey at Black market 
Skirt - Pleated ultra mini - Classic washL'exception 
Nails/rings - LucidoOnyx wear
Leg strap - A small cutting? leg strap @  LouLou 
Boots - Stagioni boots - coalMaitreya 

Pic on right:
Hair - Vespa - dippedPloom at The Deck
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces - combo long - blackMaxi gossomer 
Top - Busteh top - slate Hollipocket at Fashion voodoo 
Tummy tattoo - Dirty little lovemakerTenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Skirt - Pleated ultra mini - dark washL'exception 
Nails - Half flick nails Onyx wear 
Ring - Love is burning - blue/goldBens beauty 
Boots - Radical - black leather Maitreya 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

тђє Łß∂

Its been aaaages since I blogged an LBD and this one isn't just an LBD as its available in loadsa colours!!

I dug out this hair from Truth that I bought when I first made this avi, and I also had it on another much older avi (ahh the memories. . . . . . . ) But I guess thats the true test of quality -  it still looks as hawt as it did all those moons ago.

Hair - Tamara - Seaspray @  Truth
Glasses - Reader glasses - blackAcid & Mala 
Necklace - Nora - black - version 2LouLou 
Dress - Jersey knit dress - black  @ Shabby cat 
Bangles - Enigma - black  @ LouLou 
Leg tattoo - Skulls and bones leg tattoo @ Flaunt at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Shoes - Ultra platform - noir intenseN - Core 

2 şίđєş тσ єνєгч şтσяч

Ok soooo one skirt - 2 totally different looks. . . .

Look on left : 
Hair - Silent wingsExile 
Shirt - (Comes with pants) - Bitch @ Sugar & cyanide at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Bangles - (part of set) Mess bangles[EY:NO] 
Belly tattoo - Dirty little lovemaker @ Tenjin at Jersey shore   (For GFW) 
Skirt - Teeny skirt SU - blackL'exception
Boots - Stagioni boots - coalMaitreya 
Nails - Basic black nailsVirtual/Insanity 
Ring - Spiral ringBens beauty

Look on right : 
Hair - Teeloh hair - vanilla puddingWasabi pills
Top - Tubetop - SDDL'exception
Armstrap - See note below 
Skirt - Teeny skirt  SU- PinkL'exception 
Plasters on knees - I gotsa booboo
Trainers - Taste da rainbow kicksStained clothing 
Ring - Kiss ring (GG) @ Bens beauty 
Nails - (part of set) Strawberry hand setUtopiaH 

The armstrap is called Urban junk wrap and was  bought moooooons ago from a store called N.W Ive tried tracking it, and found the creator now has a store called Zombie suicide  so it maybe here lol but dont moan at me if it isnt!! 

şΜυ∂ցє αωαч!!

Ok so I know. . . . .  theres a few smudges on the pic, but its a brand new way for me, sooooo expect some teething mistakes lol thats if I bother doing a pic like this again, who knows!!
The fact of the matter is, this lil playsuit is proper cute and is gonna be cheapsies for tomorrows GFW so yay!!

Hair - Electricity @  Magika 
Nose piercing - Spiral nose - pink ( Superbia PRF Gift) @ Pink ribbon fair 
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing[EY:NO] 
Chest tattoo - PRF hunt item Endless pain tattoos
Playsuit - Candy romper - strawberry @ Lolita at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Ring (left hand) - Melissa ringsBens beauty 
Ring (Right hand) -Kiss ring (GG) @ Bens beauty
Nails - Pin up nailsVirtual/Insanity
Bangle - Glamour bracelet - pink Bens beauty
Shoes - Classic pumps - pinkFanatik 

Monday, 20 August 2012


Omg these dresses are smokin hawt, I love every single one, again L'exception have treated us with hot sauce!!

Both pics : 
Hair - Soleil w/roots - platinumTruth
Dresses - Tank dressesL'exception 
Boots - EuphoriaN - Core 
Tattoo - Leopard spotsPekka

Accessories on left : 
Earrings - Rainbow earrings Bens beauty at Perfect wardrobe
Bangles (left hand) - Rainbow bangleBishes Inc 
Bangles (right hand) - Multi watchThe pink bandaid 
Nails - Pop n gun nailsVirtual/Insanity

Accesories on right : 
Earrings - Chained cross earrings  @ [EY:NO]
Necklace - Chained cross necklace @  [EY:NO] 
Bangles - Mess bangles[EY:NO]
Nails - Basic black nailsVirtual/Insanity

∂αи¢є σи α яαιиßσω

Preeeeety colours!!
Lots of pretty dresses in lots of gorge colourways and a few prints curtesy of the fantastic  L'exception \o/

Hair - London - dippedPloom 
Dress - Retrology little birdy dressL'exception 
Bangles - Hoop mesh banglesBens beauty 
Ring (Right hand)  - Kiss ring (GG) @ Bens beauty
Nails - Blinged nails - teal Forever young

Hair - Haley - dippedPloom 
Earrings - Rainbow earringsBens beauty at Perfect wardrobe 
Dress - Colourblock tube dress - yellow/pinkL'exception
Bangles (right arm) - Multi watch The pink bandaid
Bangles (Left arm) - Hoop mesh bangles Bens beauty
Nails - Blinged nails - purple Forever young
Ring (Left hand) - Spiral ring (Texture change) @ Bens beauty 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

ℱℓυттєяßч Μє

Awww I love these cute lil jumper dresses, nearly enough to fantasise about cold autumn nights and warm woolies . . . . .  ..I  said nearly ok?  lol
Ok so they are available only at Black market, along with lotsa lotsa goodies so be quick cos its a goodun \o/

Hair - He loves me knot - blonde @ Shag
Hair butterflys - From the hairpack: Wide awake - ChardonnayExile
Necklace & rings - Butterflies on me [EY:NO]
Dresses - Glide sweater dressesLiquid honey at Black market 
Tattoo - Butterflys - black light ink @ Dark & burn on Marketplace

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

błαсk & błυε

 . . . . . . . . . . . . but not a bruise in sight!

Hair - Locked - blondeElikatira 
Earrings/necklace - Blue dream set @ Stuff in stock  (Sale) 
Dress - Belladonna @ Strip'd at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Bracelet - (Part of a set) - Carolina set - blues @  Bens beauty 
Rings - Gold rings(Red)mint on Marketplace
Nails - Blinged  nails - blackForever young 
Shoes - Classic pumps - blueFanatik 


Happy humpday peeps, I have to say this week is absolutely flying past me. I think it helps because the weather is nice and the kids are off school so the days just go so fast. Somebody metioned the C word yesterday, I was like WTF? Nooooooo thats 4 months away...but 4 months isnt that long is it? Scarrryyyyyy!!!

Anyway onto shopping :o)
Bargains galore today, theres a smokey eye makeup pack that includes 4 lip colours and cheek tint for only 50L at Eyelure, gorgeous little animal print tops by Empporium at Fashion voodoo and of course Jersey shores GFW which has tons of bargains to be snaffled.
Plus the gorgeous lil meshy pants are  available in 6 colours and are unisex \o/

Pic on left :
Hair - Bring it on - frosted @ Exile
Makeup - Smokey eye - blush - lip - 4 pack @ Eyelure
Nose peircing - Rama nose chain @ LouLou
Top - Print cow mini shirt @  Emporium at Fashion voodoo
Chest tattoo - Hunt item @ Endless pain tattoos  (For pink ribbon fair)
Necklace/bangles - Into the bloom - white @ Virtual/Insanity
Nails - Half flick nails @ Onyx wear
Ring - Square ring - black & cream @ Bens beauty
Tummy tattoo - Dirteh tatts  @ Hollipocket
Belly peircing - Emo peircing @ Dirtyland
Pants - Black zebra sweat shorts @ Stained clothing

Pic on right -
Hair - Andarial - roots @ Magika
Chest tattoo - as before
Bikini - Teeny kini - tropic pink blue @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore   (For GFW)
Necklace - Key to my heart @ Bens beauty
Arm tattoo - Violet hill  @ Tenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Belly piercing - as before
Tummy tattoo - Butterfly party @ Tenjin at Jersey shore
Pants - Pink zebra sweat shorts @ Stained clothing
Nails - as before
Ring (right hand) - Bunny ring - pink sapphire @ Bens beauty
Ring (left hand) - Pyramid ring - pink @ Bens beauty

Full set makeup :

Makeup - Smokey eye - blush - lip - 4 pack @ Eyelure

Chest tattoo in aid of

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

נυѕт βŁυє

OMG Its taken me the best part of a day to do one post as SL is killing me right now! Doesnt seem to matter if I use Firestorm or Phoenix, SL is just f**ked, I cant rezz, hair wont attach, those annoying lil yellow triangles are appearing everywhere,a and tps are a total fail!!. And it couldnt happen at a worst time...theres sooooo many shopping events, sales and awesomeness happening, I dont wanna miss out on any of it :o(

Pic on left :
Hair - Silent wings - chardonnay @ Exile
Necklace 1 - Butterfly set @ Kennedy's at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Necklace 2 - Pearls combo set - blue @ Maxi gossomer
Top - Busteh top - pearl  (one of 6 colour opts) @ Hollipocket at Fashion voodoo 
Jeans - Girly girl jeans - baby blue @ Hollipocket

Pic on right -
Hair - Soleil - w/roots - seaspray @ Truth
Dress - Silk brocade oriental minidress @ Kaithleens at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Tattoo - Violet hill tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Rings & nails - Snow fairy rings & nails @ Virtual/Insanity
Ring - Butterfly setKennedy's at Jersey shore (For GFW tomorrow)

Monday, 13 August 2012

яίикч ∂ίик ραитђєя

I STG my post titles couldnt get any more random, Im just thinking of the first thing that comes into my lil brain that has even the most remote reference to an item in the post, so here we have it, pink items  > > pink panther > > rinky dink panther. . . . . . . . .yeps Im THAT creative lololol

The Pink ribbon fair is still in full swing, so if you havent been yet be sure to snap up all the gorgeous goodies all the awesome designers have on offer, theres just loads and loads of exclusives  and its all in a good cause, what more can you ask?
Gfw is coming up too in a couple of days, and heres my first sneaky peak of an item thats gonna be on offer this week, another f**king awesome offering from Tenjin, I STG I couldnt love this designer more, gorgeous tattoos in preeeety colours for the girls <3 <3 <3

Look 1 :
Hair - Baileys - Pale golden @ LoQ
Headband - Simple headband @ Virtual/Insanity
Choker - Hesperide @ LouLou
Top - Stripes cutsie tube @ Liquid honey
Leggings (PRF) - Spike knee leggings - Exclusive item by ][doli. at Pink ribbon fair
Nails/rings - Lucido nails @ Onyx wear
Bracelet - Hoop mesh bracelet - black @ Bens beauty
Shoes - Zen - Black @ N -Core

Look 2 -
Hair - Zoey - Rye @
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces combo - long @ Maxi gossomer
Dress (For PRF) - Mesh night summer dress by NiNight creations at Pink ribbon fair
Arm tattoo - Violet hill tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW - aug 15th)
Nails/rings - - Lucido nails @ Onyx wear
Shoes - Eternity dots edition @ N -Core 

σмğ ίŧš Mσи∂αч

Good monday all :o)
Another new week begins, and with it comes new stuffs to buy!! Lets start with these gorgeous new dresses from L'exception, they are mesh, and come in 11 (yes you read that right - 11!) gorgeous colours, with a couple cute ditsy floral versions.

                                                                    The plain version:

Hair -
On left - Amanda - Blonde @ Catwa
On right - Wilma- Seaspray @ Truth
Earrings -
On left - Dove earrings @ Bens beauty
On right - Weekend earrings  @ Bens beauty at Vintage fair 

Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets @ Bens beauty
Dresses - Summer dresses @ L'exception
Nails - Candy nail - twinkle silver @ Candy nail

Shoes -
On left - Not so classic pumps - cake
On right - Classic pumps - grey
Both @ Fanatik

The floral version ::

(lol - loving the gozzy eyes on the pic here)

Hair - Bria - blonde @ Ploom

Saturday, 11 August 2012

ŁίŁ ßα∂ ցίяŁ

You ever wear something ya never wanna take off? Well I was like that with this outfit I put together, the hair (as I mentioned in the post below) is new from Truth, and I love it even more in this more edgier look, so forgive the double feature in adjacent blog posts. The eye makeup I havent worn in an age but Im so glad I dug it out again. Now the top. . . . . . . *sighs* I loves this top, I love the cut, the fit, I love the style, and I love the slogans. . . . . . . . .which is why, although I was just goin to feature one, I  ended up featuring 'em all lol  

Hair - Soleil - w/roots - Seaspray @ Truth
Makeup - Cats eyes @ Damned
Earrings - Cora earrings - silver  @ The pink bandaid
Cig - Ultimate cigarette @ Hermony
Top - Mesh shirts @ Emporium at Fashion Voodoo
Jeans - Melly unisex jeans - black @ Spirit store
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - black @ Bens beauty
Boots - Sassy high heels - Black damask @ Sakide


I lurveeeee these tribal print tanks from Shipwrecked, theyre unusual and go with jus about anything. Seeing as I still havent worn this Highwaisted skirt I picked up from the Suicidal unborn black sale I thought Id give it a whirl, and Im happy I did, although its an non mesh skirt, the prim blends in really well so it'll deffo be a staple for me :o)
The hair is lover-ly newness from Truth, its been a while since Ive bought hair from there as Truth sometimes seems a bit samey (IMHO) but this one I love, as its good to display any makeup/earrings we need to show off \o/

Hair - Soleil - W/roots - Seaspray @ Truth
Earrings - Cats love earrings (fatpack) @ Virtual/Insanity
Tanks - Tribal tanks (fatpack)  @ Shipwrecked
Skirt - Highwaist denim skirt - black @ Suicidal Unborn
Ring - Cats love rings (fatpack) @ Virtual/Insanity
Nails - Half flick nails - black @ Onyx wear
Boots - Radical mesh boots - black leather @ Maitreya

ŦєєŁ тђє ђєαт

Exsqueeze the lack of posts these last couple days, but the weather has been faaaaaar too nice to be indoors, so Ive been celebrating the sun and gaining a golden glow \o/
So in the true spirit of summer, I bring you some hawt lil bikinis curtesy of the fandabby Hollipocket for the Grunge soul project :o)
Im totes loving the statement feather earrings, which are a collaboration creation by Bens beauty and Mons - gorge!!

Hair - KBO906 - blonde @ BooN
Hairbase - Centre part hairbase A - blonde @ BooN
Earrings - Elena 2 earrings by Mons & Bens beauty @ Bens beauty   & MONS
Bikinis - Teeny kinis @ Hollipocket at GSP
Belly chain - Body strings butterflies - gold @ [EY:NO]
Tummy tattoo - Little bird tattoo @ Tenjin
Nails - (part of the strawberry hand set) @ UtopiaH
Rings - Melissa rings - cream @ Bens beauty
Shoes - Illusion - brown @ N - Core

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Łємσи Đг๏ρ

Happy humpday peeps!
A quick post today as its another gloriously sunny day so we're going to make the most of it, and do something nice (hoping we dont get caught in another unexpected thunderstorm lol)

Hair - Volume @ Magika
Earrings/necklace - Key to my heart jewellry set - bronze @ Bens beauty
Shirt - Girly girl shirt - lemon @ Hollipocket at Vintage fair
Skirt - Sassy skirt by Sugar & cyanide at Jersey shore  (For GFW)
Bracelet - Spikes mesh bracelet - bronze @ Bens beauty
Shoes - Illusion - brown @ N - Core 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Well you guys know how much I love the skulls right? I think I may have mentioned in the past......once or twice lol
These tanks are Shabby cats  release for the Fashion Voodoo event at Depraved nation. It doesnt begin till the 10th august, so this is a sneaky peek ssshhhhh!!
Read more about the Fashion Voodoo event by clicking here
The dimples, belt and belly tattoo are all coming up in this weeks Jersey shore Grenade free wednesday so be sure to snap em up tomorrow while they're cheap!

Hair - Eva - Ashblondy @ CaTwA
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - light silver @ Bens beauty
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing - silver @ [EY:NO]
Dimples - Dimples @ Kennedy's at Jersey shore (For GFW tomorrow)
Tanks - Jinx mesh tanksShabby cat at Fashion voodoo
Bracelets - Hoop mesh bracelet - silver @ Bens beauty
Rings - Spike rings @ [glow] studio
Nails - Essential black nails @ Virtual/Insanity
Tattoo - Little bird tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW - tomorrow)
Belt - Dirty rivet beltDirty laundry at Jersey shore  (For  GFW - tomorrow)
Jeans - Low unbuttoned jeans - black skinny @ Sakide
Shoes - ZEN - black @ N- Core

Monday, 6 August 2012

σн Μч!

So, along with every other woman on the planet, Im reading the book 50 shades of grey, and "oh my" is it good!!!
While I was spending time with my BFF in SL today, in her newly built gypsy meadow, she "found" her own Mr Grey hiding in her inv..... yes, now we alllll know wot kind of girl she is!!

As you can see, the dog fainted from the sight and sadly couldnt be revived.

So onto todays post, which has nothing to do with 50 shades, gypsys OR dogs....

Hair - Kerry V1 @ 99 elephants
Hairbase - Shaved tattoo - moonstar @ 99 elephants
Face piercing - Dramatic piercing @ [EY:NO]
Earrings - Many hoop earrings - black  @ Bens beauty
Top - Zebra long tee @ Liquid honey
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - black @ Bens beauty
Nails - Basic nails - black @ Virtual/Insanity
Ring - Taken from the Melissa summer rings pack @ Bens beauty
Leggings - Zipped latex pants - opened by Sakide at Pink ribbon fair
Shoes - ZEN - black @ N - Core

Sunday, 5 August 2012

¢σмє яαιи σя šђίиє

A late post today, as in RL we went out for the day! \o/
We chased the sun . . . . . . . . .and . . . . . . . . . even though we live in the north of England . . . . . . . . .we found it!!! We basked in it . . . . . . . . . ..We moaned about how hot it was . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..We sat outside and drank wine while the wasps buzzed and we ignored them. . . . . . . . We got sunburned. . . . . . . . . . .  we laughed at the tourists in their warm clothes thinking english summer was cold, lololol "How silly they are" !! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Then we got caught in the most torrential thunderstorm Ive ever seen . . . . . . . . .We sheltered in a doorway, waiting until the rain went off.........."Itll go off soon" we said. . . . . . . . . . . . so we waited . . . . . . . . . . and waited. . . . . . . . . . . .and pissing well waited. . . . . . . . . . . . . but it didnt go off, it pissed down buckets of shitting water until, desperate for the loo (thanks to the wine earlier) we ran . . . . . . and we ran. . . . .  till we got to a covered shopping arcade.. . .  . . . . . . . . . . . .  When I looked in the mirror , I swear to God Himself I looked like the love child of a drowned rat and 80s music "legend" Sinitta.
Yay summers here!!!

Hair - Cheryl hair - blonde fun @ Lelutka
Face peircing - Dramatic piercing @ [EY:NO]
Bikini - Teeny kini @ Hollipocket  (For lazy sunday)
Belly chain - Body strings - butterfly - silver @ [EY:NO] (For lazy sunday)
Bracelet - Spikes mesh bracelet - silver @ Bens beauty
Umbrella - Rainy days umbrella @ Lisp
Welly boots - Rain puppy - pink @ Nous vous at Pink ribbon fair

Saturday, 4 August 2012

βrσσƙ βαßߣίиց???

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.............I dont agree, I think its cheating, I think its as bad as copying your friends work at school, when they've done their homework and youve been out late kissing boys and smoking lmaooo ........
A random babble today I know, but one that needed saying......

So onto the blog deets..............
Ive been waiting for an outfit to wear with this hair I picked up from Hair fair, and as soon as I saw this skirt I knew \o/

Hair - Zoey hair - Rye @ Wasabi pills 
Peircing - Dramatic peircing - silver @ [EY:NO]
Top - Copasetic crochet halter by Shabby cat @ Vintage fair
Chest tattoo - Branding - care (PRF hunt item) @ [annaA]
Bangles - Mess bangles - silver @ [EY:NO]
Rings - Melissa  line ring - gold @ Bens beauty
Nails - Essential nails - pink @ Virtual/Insanity
Belly chain - Body strings butterfly - silver @ [EY:NO]  (For lazy sunday tomorrow - 5th aug)
Skirt - Nina skirt by [Chloe] at Pink ribbon fair
Shoes - Lady valentine flats @ Virtua/Insanity